You may want to sit down for this one!

You may want to sit down for this one! Seriously…sit down. I’m about to tell you how amazing my God is.

I know I’ve shared victories here and there that we’ve experienced over these last few months. And a lot of times those victories have been mingled with sadness and tears. But today, God just showed off His power in a mighty way to us.

Of course I have to start with the best news of all. Are you giddy yet?! Ha, I know what I’m about to write and I’m still excited!

As we met with our doctor today, she felt around on Bennett’s tummy and said some magical words that are ringing in my ears…

It is smaller! Now let me scream it for you as I do a happy dance… IT IS SMALLER! She even said he gets a gold star and wins the liver of the week award! His liver counts are still great and the bilirubin is down. So we have had NO grumpy liver with radiation. Amen!



Now I know that was just a physical exam and not a scan where we have actual proof of change, but I will take it. There is no way I’m going to let the enemy tell me that I shouldn’t celebrate this. It is worth celebrating!

But wait…there is more amazing news today (Ha, I sort of feel like an infomercial…”Wait, there’s still more!”)

We have a place for the whole family to live! Ahhhhhh…all my babies under one roof and my husband by my side. Thank you Jesus. And let me tell you, He gets the credit again. Not only did we find a great apartment with plenty of room, but we had friends offer to help pay the rent. This heart is simply overwhelmed and overjoyed.

And there’s still more!

Later today I talked with a friend and her family wants to pay for rental furniture for our apartment so we don’t have to worry about finding any. And they will deliver it and set it up…this week.

Lord, you completely take my breath away.

Just when you thought I was done…there’s one more blessing to share.

I got a text today from a friend of a friend that I have yet to meet and she was asking how housing was going. After I told her the amazing news, she said she wanted to help us get the kitchen up and running with groceries for when we first move in.

Yes, my cup runneth over, Lord.

So even though today was a long day from 7am-5pm at the hospital, it was wrapped with such blessings. Such provisions. God is using so many people to love us. To care for us. And He is showing off His great power.

A very long day

A very long day

I have honestly been learning so much about God’s power…specifically the power in His voice. He spoke the world into existence. He gives orders to the morning. He speaks and His creation listens. Just look around you.

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. (Job 37:5)

The most amazing part is His great and powerful voice is in me because of Jesus. So you better believe I am using it to pray out loud over my baby…

I am telling Bennett’s body that he is already healed because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. He bore our sicknesses, diseases and hurts so that we would be healed.

I am telling the tumor that is has no authority. It has no permission to dwell in his body.

I am commanding this cancerous tumor to be cast away from Bennet forever and never to return again.

The voice of the Lord is powerful… (Psalm 29:4)

When you pray, are you remembering the power you have? I hope so! Let’s pray it boldly. Pray it loudly. Pray it with authority. And pray it believing.

Prayer Requests and Praises:

  • You wouldn’t even know that Bennett had radiation on Thursday, Friday and today. He’s such a trooper with no skin irritation or nausea. In fact, he’s been eating more lately! He still has radiation tomorrow and Wednesday. Pray for continued shrinking and no side effects.
  • Today was the first day Bennett had a full dose of chemo. Typically he has half doses because his liver hasn’t been strong enough. But because his counts are good, the doctors went for it. Pray that it stomps on that tumor!
  • Davis and Reide are headed to Austin to be with my family for the week. Pray that they have a great time and that their tanks get filled!
  • Pray for the transition of our family to Memphis in a few weeks. It will be an adjustment but I pray for sweet memories here. And as much as I miss my home, my friends, my church in Lafayette, God is providing so many new lifelong friends here!

What a glorious day. Thank you, Lord.


    1. I can’t praise Him enough! God you are so wonderful! I praise you in the storm! I praise in the calm! You are mighty to save and to heal!
      I am sobbing over this great news! He IS REAL! AND WE SHALL OVERCOME! BY HIS MERCIES BENNETT IS HEALED!

  1. Praise God! Megan I am totally screaming with you!!!! Jumping up and down acting all crazy because our God is that awesome! We love your sweet little boy! And you of course 😉 you are a true woman of God and I am proud to say I know a woman of your faith and strength. Hugs!

  2. Megan; your post made my day! Such wonderful news. We continue to pray for you, Ben & Bennett and of course Reide & Davis. Love you all and so happy for this good news! XOXO

  3. So happy to hear the great news! Will keep praying. My prayer is that Bennett will go running out of that hospital, completely healthy, with his parents and siblings chasing behind. 🙂

  4. We prayed for you guys last night in our small group. All I can say is PRAISE GOD! You all needed to get some good news. We continue to pray with you all.

  5. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!!! I did sit as you asked, but I had to jump up & shout a big THANK YOU LORD!!!!! I’m continuing to hold you all close in thoughts & prayers. Love, Martha

  6. Oh Sweetie….praise God…what joyous news and so many blessings!! My heart is overwhelmrd and Mark and I both had tears as we read the amazing news. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.
    We love you all and continue our prayers

  7. I sat down! Then I did a happy dance!! Praise Jesus for His glorious power!! We are praying boldly with you! So happy to hear of the blessings!! Love y’all!! Hug sweet Bennett for me 🙂

  8. PRAISE HIS NAME! I just flung my tears on the computer screen, when my hand went from wiping my happy tears to praising our God who has all authority! We will be continuing to pray! AMEN!

  9. This is all very good news. Whenever you are in a valley a mountaintop is ahead. Keep moving forward. Thank you, Megan, for posting this news. Thank, God, for hearing and answering. We ask one more thing: please keep shrinking it and heal Bennett completely. We give You all the glory. Ephesians 3:20, 21.

  10. Praise God! He is truly awesome. Your excitement can be felt all the way over here. God is our healer. We will continue to pray for continued healing of little Bennett. Continuing to pray for you all. Let us rejoice in these little victories!

  11. So very happy to hear this news!!!! Praise God! We will continue to lift Bennett and all of you up in prayer. Love to the whole family!

  12. I have tears in my eyes for you and your family! I have tears in my eyes at how great God is! What wonderful news and yes shout it from the roof top! So happy and more prayers will be said. Xo

  13. We prayed for Bennett and you guys in our small group last night also….and how wonderfully God has responded!! All praise to our Creator!

  14. All the glory to GOD. What an amazing GOD we honor. May he continue to bless your sweet boy and bring comfort to all your family.

  15. Tears of joy, thankfulness and praise just keep coming for what God is doing!!! And thank you so much for proclaiming His greatness and reminding us of the power we have through prayer! God ministered to me through your post! Glory to our God and King!!! Keep claiming victory and shout it out loud!!!! Amen and amen.

  16. Praise God! They asked us what we were trusting God for that only He can do, so I put a sticky note on the “Miracle Board” Sunday that said, “Complete healing for Bennett Coleman!” Prayers are going up all the time in so many ways! It is SO encouraging to hear, “IT IS SMALLER!” Go Jesus! Heal this boy! Thank you Lord!!! We know You are capable we just pray it is Your will!

  17. I am crying tears of joy for and your family! What a wonderful GOD we have!!! Still Praying for healing for Bennett!!

  18. Megan, I’ll shout it f r I’m the roof tops! Praise you, FATHER God!! Your messages mean more to me than you understand. Thank you. My hope is in you, Lord, all the day long!

  19. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is our healer. With God all things are possible. Prayed for God to shrink this tumor so it could be removed and baby Bennett can get back to normal life and all be a family together again. Prayers are still going out to y’all Megan and Ben.

  20. HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU JESUS! AWESOME, SO AWESOME! Let us all repeat the sweet prayer of Davis…….”I pray You shrink the tumor and that You just punch it in the face. Take it out, tear it into pieces and throw it on the floor.” AMEN!!!!

  21. His love abounds indescribably!! So good to hear!
    So happy for the joy you experience amidst the storm~
    How marvelous is the work of His hands! Praying with and for you all in the spirit! Blessings sweet Bennett!!

  22. God is good! Thank you so much for keeping us informed. You are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Amazing family, amazing faith, amazing God! May this be the first of many “good”, no, “great” posts about Bennett’s healing.

  23. So many great testimonies are happening and God is touching so many lives through this. Blessings on the great news and continued prayers from the Youngsville campus. Dana.

  24. We pray for Bennett and your family everyday. I run for stress relief, etc….during my runs, I pray for you all. As my miles increase and pain sets in, I always ask that the pain I’m feeling be taken away from Bennett, you, and your sweet family. We will definitely continue to pray! Such awesome news all the way around!

  25. I am hanging on to each word of your testimony as they hit my soul with the weight of God’s glory!
    Praising and rejoicing with you!!!

  26. Praise GOD! What wonderful and God breathed news!!!!! So happy to hear, and continued prayers, love and support sent your way!
    Philippians 4:6

  27. Yay!! That is the best news ever. We will keep praying for Bennett to stay strong, for no side effects from the treatments and for an easy transition for the family. Our God is an awesome God!!!

  28. Oh Megan, It took me awhile to read your most wonderful, exciting, marvelous message because of so many tears of excitement and joy for you! I almost woke my husband crying and praising The Lord!! LOL
    Now you can understand and see why the devil was trying so hard to discourage you last week! The devil knew the miracles that were on their way and he had to give it all he could!! BUT GOD!!! Now the devil is defeated!! God is destroying and removing that tumor while he also protects Bennett’s body! We will see Bennett running around at the Gumbo Cookoff like I told you!! Oh what a wonderful day it will be for all to see! God honors your Faith and will continue to prove his love and power to you! Your tests will now be your Testimonies!! God has a special mission for Bennett!! Oh I want to shout it from the mountain tops! Ohhh Megan, You literally can in Memphis!!! Lol.
    Well,, it’s late now I will TRY to sleep, if I can with this much good news!!
    Friends in Christ, Gwen

  29. Praying for you and Bennett and your family! I am amazed that through this tough time YOU are the one encouraging others and lifting the name of Jesus! I pray that through your faith and by giving God the glory and proclaiming His power, you would be strengthened even more! I know our God smiles upon your belief and trust in Him! I stand in agreement with you! Thank you for sharing your faith and trust and praise! I am encouraged! I am a friend of Dixie Pelegrins and heard your story through FB. I will continue to follow your story and pray for your family! I can’t wait to see our God work miracles for your baby boy! God Bless you, sister!!

  30. Praise The Lord! We are so very happy for you! We are crying tears of joy…God is amazing! You are such an inspiration to our family…thank you!

  31. Megan, Erin shared your blog with me and I want you to know how much and how strongly I’m praying for you and your family. Your posts are an inspiration. I foresee great things ahead for Bennett. Hugs to all…

  32. Praising God with you!!Our one true living God, The Most High, Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, The Lamb that was slain, Jesus who healed the sick, rose on the third day and lives today! He loves us with a mighty love, HE heals when and how HE chooses. His mercies are new every morning! Thank you Jesus for this good news for baby Bennett and all the blessings you have poured out for the. May they feel your peace in full. May EVERY need be met, even before the asking. May you receive all the honor and glory and praise at Baby Bennett’s healing. Thank you,In the mighty name of Jesus.

  33. Praising God with you!!Our one true living God, The Most High, Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, The Lamb that was slain, Jesus who healed the sick, rose on the third day and lives today! He loves us with a mighty love, HE heals when and how HE chooses. His mercies are new every morning! Thank you Jesus for this good news for baby Bennett and all the blessings you have poured out for the. May they feel your peace in full. May EVERY need be met, even before the asking. May you receive all the honor and glory and praise at Baby Bennett’s healing. Thank you,In the mighty name of Jesus.

  34. Praising God with you!!Our one true living God, The Most High, Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, The Lamb that was slain, Jesus who healed the sick, rose on the third day and lives today! He loves us with a mighty love, HE heals when and how HE chooses. His mercies are new every morning! Thank you Jesus for this good news for baby Bennett and all the blessings you have poured out for the. May they feel your peace in full. May EVERY need be met, even before the asking. May you receive all the honor and glory and praise at Baby Bennett’s healing. Thank you,In the mighty name of Jesus.

  35. Praise His Holy Name. To God be the glory. I have tears of joy for you and family. There is victory in the mighty name of JESUS. Continue to pray for your family and praise God that your family will be together soon. God Bless you all.

  36. That is awesome!!!! So happy for your victory today! Cant wait to see The Lord to do so many more for your sweet family!!!

  37. Praise the LORD!! He is a wonderful friend and savior. I know that Bennett is covered in prayer, and what more could we ask. I am still praying for complete healing, and I am believing that JESUS will do a wonderful work in your lives. To GOD be the glory.

  38. What AMAZING news! We serve the most amazing God of all!! I can’t wait to share with our two girls, who have been praying faithfully every night, the great news that you shared with us. We’ve been praying for Bennett’s healing so that others would come to know our amazing God through his full recovery. PRAISE THE LORD!!

  39. Our God is an awesome God and He rewards his good and faithful servants. Overjoyed at the news is Bennett’s progress and all the blessings being bestowed on your family! Continued prayers for healing…

  40. Yay! Wonderful news!!! Continuing prayer for healing from the very tippy-top of Bennett’s little head to the soles of his feet! What a blessing 🙂

  41. So thrilled to hear the good news. Your unwavering faith & love for The Lord has helped your family through this hardship. He is so mighty & powerful. Praying for nothing but good news in Bennet’s progress.

  42. I AM SO ECSTATIC @ WHAT JESUS HAS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying with Praise for what our God Has Done!! You are SO RIGHT!!! He took the stripes that we WOULD be healed. Not maybe, not just His will as many pray for IT IS HIS WILL!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  43. Thank you, Jesus! I don’t know you, but Danielle (Sayeski) Smeeton was my college room mate and your story has especially touched my heart since I, too, have a son named Bennett. I have and will continue to pray for your son every time I pray for mine. 🙂 So thankful for a great update!


  44. HAPPY TEARS!!!!! HAPPY, JOYFUL TEARS!!!!!! Praise God.He is so awsome. Will continue to pray for Bennett and family. Just when you’re ready to give up God always shows up and shows out. I love that. God Bless You and Your Family.

  45. MEGAN!!!! (and family of COURSE!!) I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!! The Girls and I have been praying SO HARD for you all and for Bennett’s Tumor to “BE GONE” and all of the Prayer Requests you’ve been posting!! This is amazing and I couldn’t be happier and more overwhelmed with JOY than I am right now for you!!! I will still be praying, that will NOT cease – and the POWER OF THE LORD IS AMAZING and WE CAN ALL REJOICE IN THAT — WE SEE HIS WORK EVERY DAY and now we see it in what he is doing for your Family!! Praise Jesus!! God Bless you Megan, and the WHOLE FAMILY especially little Bennett!! Kisses to him from us, what a strong trooper to hold on and let the Lord heal him!! Bless his heart!!

  46. God is good! I was so excited to share this news with my family. Joey had the most thrilled look on his face. Then he said we gotta keep praying mom, because its working! We are doing a happy dance in the kitchen and will continue to pray for you.

  47. I am overjoyed!! The power of prayer is SO amazing! Bennet has been in my prayers and I have shared his story with anyone who will listen and pray with me. GOD IS GOOD! And your family is so strong and beautiful. Fight on Bennett, you have the army of God behind you!! :))

  48. Absolutely overcome with joy!!! This is our God!! Look what love has done! His love is so faithful and complete-NOTHING CAN STAND AGAINST HIM!! That cancerous tumour is as good as gone-and I mean gone in the “Completely abolished, never gonna see a trace I it EVER again!!” sense of the word! Continuing to stand with you in declaring the finished work of Jesus in Bennett’s life! Healing is his in Jesus name! Wholeness is his in Jesus name! Look up the song “In Jesus Name” by Darlene Zschech (Spelling?) and “Forever” by Kari Jobe and Brian Johnson on YouTube! They will give you a real lift!!!! All our love and blessings and prayers…
    The Boulter’s

  49. Oh little Megan, you claimed the victory that Jesus won for Bennett and all of us when He died , not only for our sins, but for our illnesses! By the stripes of Jesus, Bennett is healed!By the stripes of Jesus, Bennett is healed! By the stripes of Jesus,Bennett is healed! Thank you, dear Jesus.

  50. Hi Meg! I just read your HAPPY POST for the umpteenth time, and I just had to rejoice and say…GO GET EM GIRL!! Knock that tumor dead!!
    Love and prayers! : )

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