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We have heard some amazing stories of how Bennett touched people, but this one tops the list! I’m going to let my sister-in-law, Meg, explain it to you since she had the privilege of seeing it firsthand…

A very sweet teacher, Ms. Hewitt, from Vickery Elementary School in the Dallas area, has the privilege of teaching some of the greatest kids. And I would know, my family got to meet them today. Ms. Hewitt heard about Bennett’s story and began reading the blog to the class. The kids learned a lot about St. Jude and how the hospital operates solely on donations so that the families don’t have to worry about the financial burden often associated with childhood diseases. But it didn’t stop there! The kids continued to follow the blog and decided it was time to take action…they wanted to give back to St. Jude too and in Bennett’s honor. The class brainstormed and came up with the brilliant idea to sell donated books to raise money. They turned a dream into an idea, and idea into a blessing.

We were honored to be invited to see the fruits of their labor. They asked our family and a representative from St. Jude to come to the class to present St. Jude with a donation check from the books they had sold. Our family was greeted at the office by several sweet girls from the class, who graciously escorted us to the classroom for the presentation. My breath was literally taken away as I walked into an elementary classroom to see poster after poster and sign after sign of things like “Team Bennett”, “We Love St. Jude”, and “Blessed One”. The room was filled with things for St. Jude and Bennett, his pictures were on the walls and I was crying before the presentation even began.

Ms. Hewitt’s class set up coffee, donuts, muffins and cookies for us to enjoy during our visit to her classroom. It actually reminded me of the awesome hospitality we received at St. Jude when Bennett was there. Several kids started off the presentation by explaining their goal to raise money and make a donation in honor of Bennett and how much he had meant to each of them, even though they never had met him. They showed us a slideshow that they put together of their journey! The music that played during the slideshow was “I Am” by David Crowder…or what they like to call Bennett’s song. They had all heard it on the blog and wanted that song for the slideshow.

After the slideshow, each one…YES, EACH ONE…stood in front of my parents, George and Martha Coleman, and Jennifer, the St. Jude representative, to thank them. Each child spoke confidently and I was so amazed by their leadership and poise. They presented our family with cards and then St. Jude with cards too. I cried as each one spoke because we got to hear wonderful things like “The blog helped me to know that God loves children”, “Bennett is healed”, ” I am sorry for your loss, but Bennett taught me to be brave”! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from these beautiful children. One after the other were speaking far wiser words than I could have mustered up at that moment, and it will be a memory I treasure in my heart forever.

And in that moment, God reminded me that He is not gone from our schools or our kids. He used St. Jude, Ben, Megan and Bennett to touch these kids’ hearts, and I got to witness the fruit of His spirit in them. And can you believe that they raised over $1400 for St. Jude in Bennett’s honor…I can! They started off with a goal of $600 and more than doubled it. These children made a difference! Thank you Vickery Elementary for such a special day.

Here is the slideshow that the kids made of their journey to raise money for St. Jude:

Are you in love with these kids as much as I am? We are completely blown away by their love for Bennett and their determination to make a difference. And I know they are reading this blog in their class. So Ms. Hewitt’s class…you rock! You have blessed us a thousand times over and I know that Bennett is giving you a fist bump from heaven. Please don’t ever forget that you are precious in the eyes of Jesus and His hands are on each of you. Here is what He says…

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.

Thank you for loving our son so well!


  1. Speechless! Friends of Victory Elementary you must know this St Jude mom has much respect for each of you! Your drive, ambition, and dedication to MAKE a difference speaks many words of what the future holds!! You all will prosper if you continue to strive in what you believe in while always placing our Lord and creator first!! My baby girl will be 3 years old on July 6th and was diagnosed with a hepatoblastoma tumor when she was 18 months. God guided us to St Jude where He performed miracles in our baby! This month she Marks a year CANCER FREE! You see God has chosen to bless her with healing just as He has healed Bennett. He has healed them both and is using them and their stories to touch many hearts and teach others about Him! Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Ms. Hewitt’s students, you should be so proud of yourselves!! You raised a ton of money for a great cause. Way to go!

  3. Great job Team Bennett. What a blessing you each have made to a wonderful cause. To help save other children, from deadly diseases is an awesome mission you have completed. I hope the local news picked up this story, of kids helping kids; this is the good not the bad news.

  4. Awesome! Inspirational! Bennett speaks loudly!
    Fist bump to the teacher for involving these kids in meaningful causes that speak to the heart!
    Great group of children too to do such a great job for Bennett and St. Jude!
    Need more of this activity in schools.

  5. Wow! So encouraging that their is an amazing teacher like Ms.Hewitt who was willing to share your God-breathed blog with her students! Awesome job students on your generosity & creativity!

  6. I love the hearts of children! Mrs Hewitt’s class, you are an amazing group of children who are an inspiration to us. WAY TO GO!!!

  7. WOW! No words but worship, praise, honor and thanksgiving to God Our Father, God Our Savior Jesus and God Emanuel The Holy Spirit for the precious gift of these wonderful children and their teacher.

  8. This story made me cry! I don’t know precious Bennett either, but I’ve been following your story and continue to pray for you! God is shining so bright by your courage and dedication to Him. God knows every day what you are challenged with and He is with you every step of the way. Blessing to the Coleman Family. Forever and ever!

  9. Megan, Thank you so much for sharing. I am BAWLING at the beautiful way God has and continues to work through your sweet baby boy. Thank you, Meg, for sharing the blog with all of us too. I can only imagine how moved you were to be present to such a sweet gift. God Is Not Dead!

  10. Ms. Hewitt, your are an amazing teacher. Helping children understand the bad and sad things in life and translating that into a wonderful tribute to Bennett and the Coleman Family. This will be a lasting memory for your students.

  11. Hello all!
    As a parent of Ms Hewitts GT Class I was moved and amazed at the AMAZING love that the children have shown for Baby Bennett! They laughed..cheered.. cried and were HAPPY to be able help support The Colemans and St. Jude and to double their donation goal. Ms Hewitt is an AMAZING teacher!

  12. My daughter Hannah is in Ms Hewitts class so we have travelled this journey with Baby Bennett. Hannah has a picture of Benentt on the wall in her bedroom so we are constantly reminded of this brave little guy and the love and faith in God that his family has. This family has touched our hearts and our lives and Hannah will remember this special year in Ms Hewitts class forever. Ms Hewitt is a wonderful loving teacher and we are so thankful that through her teaching our children learn to be loving and caring.

  13. Hi i am one of the kids and I realy thank all of youre family for sharing this part of youre life with us and we did read it all in class.

  14. This teacher and these students have accomplished something amazing together and as individuals. God is honored by your work. You have been his hands and feet. I am thankful to know about this. Bennett has blessed me through you! Prayers of thanks for all of you are going up today!

  15. Okay guys, yes I am Nancy I helped and you can see me in the video, the one with dark hair and puppy shirt, look let me tell you this I really really loved doing this and I just came back to this website to tell you guys this, we actually raised more that what we planed and just with a book drive!! And I honestly cried when my class found out that Baby Bennett died and we found out when we were going to start, so we went from doing this for him to doing it in honor of him and this is the mot wonderful thing that I had ever done in my life! My parents donated long before that and they also donated again when we were doing the book drive! All I can say is thank you lord for letting us do this. And I am now in sixth grade and am still in leap and band, I know got the idea of showing this video to my leap teacher and asking her if we could do a project like this one. Hopefully she agrees, I pray to God that she will. God bless you all and make a change in someone’s life and make them trust in the power of God. Amen

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