while carving pumpkins :: praying for my kids

This might end up being an interesting week of blogging to come. The hubby is out of the country and me and the kids headed to my parents house so I didn’t have to be a single parent for the week. But we travelled in style. Our sweet friends flew us here on their plane so I didn’t have to endure 8 long hours of grueling complaining and bathroom stops. It would’ve been a massacre in our car…three little ones against me. And they probably would’ve won the battle! But instead our 8 hours turned into a short 2 hours in the sky. Such a blessing to this mama!! So it’s been a long day overall getting packed and heading out of town, but before I turn out the lights I wanted to share a quick word.

A few days ago we took the kids to the pumpkin patch and came home with way too many that will probably all be rotten in one week when we get back. But the kids had a blast picking them out…and that’s the important thing! So we got home and got to carving (I did have great pictures to go along with this but realized they are still on my camera at home…boo!). As we were carving, the hubby talked to the kids about the yucky insides of the pumpkin and how that is like the sin in our hearts (I love that he can make carving a pumpkin a great spiritual teaching moment). And as we scooped out all of the seeds, we explained how that was like Jesus making our hearts clean. Let me tell you, we had such a sweet conversation with the kids as we did this. Davis even remembered when we did it last year too. It’s so important to find those opportunities to point things back to Jesus. And all of this just reminded me how I pray for my kids insides to be clean!

Today’s virtue to pray: CLEAN INSIDE

First clean the inside of the cup and dish and then the outside also will be clean. (Matthew 23:26)

I know this isn’t probably a virtue, but how much should we desire that our kids are clean on the inside?! It is so easy for all of us to look like we are shiny on the outside when we are empty and dirty on the inside. And I want my kids to be grossed out by the junk inside so they run closer to Christ! So grab your pumpkins and as you carve them with your kids, talk about the junk inside and how we have a loving savior that can clean it all out!

Here are a few pictures of the kids from tonight when they decorated pumpkins…