what the bible says, part 2 :: getting up early

A few days ago my hubby shared one area about the early mornings that the Bible mentions (click here to read). Well, we still have three more to go! I’m actually going to write today’s and then he will come back in a few days to finish the last two. Before I jump in, let’s review what the first area was…

Setting the Pace. Ben talked about how important it is that Jesus sets our pace in the morning. I’m writing this at 6:25am and I’ve already had my cup of coffee and spent time reading the Bible. This early morning stuff is a life changer for me! But when I finish this, I’m going to remind myself of what I had planned for today, and then scratch it and ask God what He has planned for me today. This is very hard for me because I am a crazy list maker that defaults to just putting God on my list instead of in charge of it. But let’s let Him set the pace for us today.

Another area about the early mornings that the Bible mentions…Sex in the Morning. Yes, you read that right! I’ve even had some of you share your story of how God is using your mornings with this:

Getting up early has definitely been a blessing, but not exactly in the way I expected. The biggest blessing has been that Hubby and I have finally found a time of day that we’re both awake and in bed, so we’ve been able to catch up on some much needed intimacy. Our current stage of life hasn’t afforded us too many opportunities lately, so this has been a surprise and blessing to us both.

I love this! I remember when I was just newly married and I had breakfast with a dear friend who was a mom with all her kids in elementary and preschool. She shared about how the early morning intimacy was key for she and her husband in that stage of life because by the end of the evening once all the babies are in bed, you’re ready to pass out too. But when you are consistently getting up early and you feel refreshed, why not spend it with the hubby! Read this verse from Song of Solomon in the Bible:

…let us go out early to the vineyards
and see whether the vines have budded,
whether the grape blossoms have opened
and the pomegranates are in bloom.
There I will give you my love. Song of Solomon 7:12

In short, the entire book of Song of Solomon is about a husband and wife having sex. We lose the innuendos that are there when this gets translated from Hebrew to English…but trust me. This is a graphic book. And this passage is all about the happy, married couple taking time to enjoy each other while they are up early and the world is not rushing them yet. God made sex for husbands and wives and He thinks the morning is a great time for it!

So if you’re married, go love on your husband one morning this week! It will bless you both.