what i've learned so far :: getting up early

Well I’ve been getting up early for almost a week now. I don’t know about my family, but I have noticed a difference. I have been SO MUCH MORE productive…and not just in the morning but throughout my day too (and I’m definitely not as grumpy in the mornings!). At first I didn’t know what I was going to do in the quiet mornings, but now I find myself looking at the clock wishing for more time before the chaos begins. So here’s what I’m doing…

  • Alarm goes off and I hop right into the shower (hmm, the hubby is correcting me. He says my hop is more of a wounded bunny hop. Don’t know what I think of that!). Ok, so I might not HOP, but within 10 minutes, I’m headed to the shower. I learned the hard way in the first few days that the chaos is still lurking in the mornings if I’m not completely dressed and ready when the kids get up. But the worst part of this plan is waiting for the water to get hot in the shower before I can get in!
  • Once I’m dressed and ready, I sit on the couch with my HOT cup of coffee and read my Bible and journal. We are getting ready to start a sermon series at our church about Joshua so I’ve been preparing by ready the book of Joshua. Good stuff. But I have to admit, I’ve fallen in a trap at this point in my morning. There is a Bible reading plan in my inbox that I’ve been following for this reading time. Sometimes I open the email to see what to read next and I end up checking my email, then facebook and maybe Pinterest…just maybe! I know, it’s awful. I need to just print out that reading plan so I have no excuses!
  • At this point in my mornings, it’s looked a little different every day (depending on when I REALLY got out of bed!). Sometimes it’s been blogging, sometimes work, and sometimes the kids are up already. There are a few more things I’d love to try as I make getting up a priority and a part of my every day life… reading one of the MANY books I never find time to read, painting my kitchen cabinet doors (seriously need to get those done!) and make a new delicious breakfast for the family.

So what I’ve learned so far with having a plan in the morning…don’t wing it! It gets dangerous at that point and we end up opening email instead of spending at least an hour of quiet on us. This is the time of the day when I don’t have to worry about things I can’t control but instead about becoming a better me for the people I’m around. Oh, another thing in the plan, I NEVER turn on the TV. The news can wait. My hulu shows can wait. It can all wait. But I can’t wait to allow God to use this time to change me!