We have a new address!

Just a quick update on our housing! We moved into the Target House last week…what a blessing! It is a two bedroom apartment with a family room and kitchen. Woohoo! It helps me feel a little more normal:)

There are two Target Houses (we are in Target 2). All together, it serves 96 families! Check out the playground that the kids will be able to enjoy when the weather gets better…

And my crafty kids will love exploring this Craft Room…

They have seriously thought of every amenity that families need…fitness room, music room, craft room, play room, outdoor playground with bikes and trikes and family rooms with Wii games…and on and on. A little comfort in a crazy world we’ve been thrown into.

So here’s the new address (it’s also updated on the website):

Target House 2
1811 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
Room 424

Now don’t freak out if you’ve sent something in the last few days to the St. Jude address because we can still receive mail there too. It’s just a lot easier now because it gets delivered right where we live!

Thanks for all of the love and encouragement you’ve been sending our way!!


  1. I know Joe Lynch and following your posts. My heart is heavy for your family and precious Bennett. I know that God is the mighty physician and can heal your precious baby. I pray daily, several times for you all. I also pray God gives you the strength you need to stay strong and positive. God bless you all and that precious baby.

  2. SO happy for you to have a place to call home! I hope you will all be together soon! Many thoughts, love and prayers!!!!!

  3. Dearest Megan and Ben,
    Margie and I continue to pray daily, usually a few times a day. We are encouraged by your blog posts, usually because of the ways in which God is encouraging you!
    Dr. Woodrow Kroll of Back to the Bible, said once when hearing from his daughter about his new-born grandson not having any ears, “Honey, we can question ‘why us, why now’ but we dare not question our Theology. The absolutes we know about God are goodness, love and faithfulness; we will not question God’s plans, even in the midst of our tears.” Whenever I hear about situations like Bennett’s and yours, I am reminded of this response…and when I read your posts, I am so thankful for how you are living out and communicating your “Theology”, even in the midst of your tears.

  4. Hi Megan and Ben,
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your world and know that a day does not go by that you and your family is not lifted up in our prayers. And WOW!! I love your new home away from home! I spent a lot of time at St. Jude’s back in the late 1970’s with a dear sweet friend who was undergoing treatment there…(we were all teenagers at the time). I thought that St. Jude’s was “Heaven here on earth” back then, and I know it is now. Amazing place! I am so thankful you are there! I love you all, and you are so inspiring! Thanks for your writings, and for putting my life into perspective…the problems we have are really nothing. Keep hanging on to one another! xoxoxo Sheree 🙂

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