twelve days of christmas for the hubby

Before I dive into this post, I quickly want to share our new ornaments that the tree now has at our home, courtesy of the older two kids…

Yes, those are pool noodles cut up and with painter’s tape on it. Seriously, the crafts are out of control with my son! Maybe one day I will have a fancy tree:)

Ok, so 12 Days of Christmas for the hubby! I did this last year and a few weeks ago Ben said, “Are you going to do that again for me?”. It was a hit! Here’s how you do it…

Start on December 14 with Day 1 and get the hubby one thing. On Day 2, get him 2 things. And so on. Then Day 12 will be on Christmas morning…with 12 of something.

Now you can make it all things that are completely free or very inexpensive. Here are some examples…

  • 2 hours to sleep in
  • 3 of his favorite candy
  • $5 at Starbucks
  • 6 bottles of his favorite rootbeer
  • 8 reasons why the kids think he’s the best dad

Last year I did 12 disposable coffee mugs on Day 12 because it was a running joke how he takes our coffee mugs to work and they never make it back home (still a problem now so I’m sure those disposable mugs will make it on the list again this year!)

So it’s super easy and I promise, he will LOVE it because it will tell him how much you are thinking about him.

Now for my hubby, he’s ok having only Day 12’s gift under the tree because he just got 11 days worth of goodies. Some other husbands might like more under the tree on Christmas Day. So you can really make it a major part of his Christmas or something on the side. And let the kids get involved too. If you have 3 kids, they can be Day 3 and make him 3 cards. The sky is the limit…just think about what he loves.

If you are familiar with Pinterest, you can search “12 Days of Christmas for Husband” and lots of ideas will pop up. There are even little tags on one blog that you can print to write the 12 Days on (click HERE to see and download). Thanks Family Home Fun blog for sharing the cute tags…I will definitely be using those this year!

So take a few minutes to think how you can love on your hubby or someone else in your life for 12 Days!! But think fast…it starts in 3 days!