The Answer

“The answer is, ‘Jesus.’  The answer to everything eventually comes down to My Son…Jesus.” These are the words I heard God lay on my heart as I asked Him how to answer the question we have all been asking…What is growing inside of Bennett? So before I share the pathology report…let me first share our eternal report. Jesus is in control. His ways are good and we will always serve Him. He is both powerful and loving. And because of this, He is the only answer we will ever need. So as you read the report below, this is what you need to remember…we are resting in the strength of a big God who goes before us and who has already won the battle.

On Wednesday morning, we posted that we did not expect to get the pathology report until Friday. Literally a few hours after we wrote that, our oncologist walked into our room. She told us that much to her surprise, the pathology report came back early and the tumor is in fact malignant. It is not Hepatoblastoma. Bennett has an Extrarenal Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor. Don’t google it. Don’t look it up. There is not much out there…and what is out there is either not understandable or very discouraging…or both.

Rhabdoid Tumors normally form in the kidneys and are extremely rare. Bennett’s kidneys are fine though. When these tumors do not start there, the second most common origination is in the brain. An MRI was done on his brain today and the scans came back showing that he has no tumor or cancerous activity in his brain at all. AT ALL. Praise the Lord! So the fact that he has a rhabdoid tumor that originated in the liver makes this incredibly rare. There are less that 20 cases a year in the country of children having a rhabdoid tumor originating somewhere outside either the kidneys or brain. So the plan is still the same as before…shrink it with chemotherapy to the point it can be surgically removed.

Our oncologist also told us that this tumor is very aggressive and does not always respond well to chemotherapy (in fact, it was the one tumor she was hoping it would not be). So even though he is still testing positive for RSV, she does not want to wait to begin chemotherapy. So we begin tonight. TONIGHT! Bennett is sleeping right now as I type and the nurses have begun giving him his pre-chemo medicines to help his system deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy. The first drug will be given to him in the next hour, and more drugs over the next four days. This will begin the first cycle that will last 3 weeks. We will post more about how it all works later.

This news was obviously not what we wanted to hear and we felt like the wind had been knocked out our sails most of yesterday. But for today, things like the good MRI report, Bennett resting better and actually getting some laughs out of him tonight have all helped put a little pep back into our step. And the notes, texts and phone calls continue to come from you…and Jesus is using you to give us a giant hug. Thank you for being His arms in our lives right now. There have been some powerful conversations and interactions that have strengthened Megan and me over the last 24 hours. I plan to write about those in the coming days, as well as specific medical prayer requests and other family needs throughout the weekend. But for now, just pray that God shrinks this tumor enough to be removed.

The last thing I’ll share is this. I never thought I would be excited to sign a document authorizing someone to do chemotherapy on my son. But I was. I felt like I was suiting up for battle and there was a wave of excitement that poured over me. I also never expected to lay hands on and pray over a bag of chemotherapy drugs and ask, “God, use this…and let it be powerful.” But that’s exactly what I’m about to do. After all…the pathology report does not give us the answer. It’s only the beginning of a journey to prove that Jesus is the answer.



  1. My prayers are with you daily. I will pray for your specific requests and watch for God’s work to be accomplished as only He can.

  2. Wow! Your words are so powerful Ben and i can see how God is moving mightily through you. Steven and I just read this together and we are about to pray now! Be blessed Coleman’s and know that Heaven is being flooded with prayers for your son. We love y’all!

  3. Ben and Meagan, we are praying with you and our hands are on that bag of meds with yours. Like Kelly said, heaven is being flooded with prayers for Bennett.

  4. Ben, we know that feeling of having the wind knocked out of you when the clarity of diagnosis comes, but your response–the Answer–will carry all of you through this. We stand with you. We love you. And we are praying with you for His will to be done. Our testimony is that truly, ALL His ways are perfect. But, yes, they are sometimes so mysterious…

  5. Therefore, whatever you pray for BELIEVE you have received and it will be yours! We claim this in the name of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah!

    1. Thank you for these updates so we can pray specifically for Bennett and you all. Praying in agreement with you over the chemo…to shrink the tumor quickly and for Bennett to tolerate the meds with little or no side effects.
      Jeremiah 32:27 ” Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?”
      I AM
      God who still listens
      God who still answers
      God who still heals
      God who still forgives
      God who still leads
      God who still directs
      God who still cares

      Praying you feel wrapped in His love and strengthened by all the prayers!
      Big tight hugs,
      Diane Ligon

  6. You guys don’t know me personally, and I don’t know you, but please know there are many people out here like me whom you don’t know but who are praying for you and your family continuously. Our hearts are with you! Jesus is faithful to bring you to mind all the time for us to pray…

  7. Hello to you both. I go to church with you. I just wanted to let you know that baby Bennett has been and will continue to be, in every prayer that I do during the day. When I pray at every meal, I pray for him. When I pray at random during the day, I pray for him. He is always on my mind even though I don’t know you all personally. Lord please heal this sweet little boy from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Take the bad tumor away Lord. In your name I pray, Amen.

  8. Many many prayers to you all. We are praying for Bennett, for both of you, for the doctors and nurses and for healing. We will continue to pray for your specific requests as well. Love to all of you.

  9. We continue to pray for you and only God could provide the positive attitude you have….I know you will continue to rely on Jesus for your strength through this…but remember that you have lots of friends love and encouragement to help you too…it has to be hard to be away from family at this that time…but they are all with you in your hearts and in this …..we will continue to look for updates…so wish there was more we could do…but what more could we possibly do that would be of any more help than pray???

  10. I don’t know you. I saw this post from one of your friends. I want you to know that you have someone praying for you out in Indiana! Peace be with you all!

  11. Ben & Megan, I will continue to pray for God’s presence and healing over your family and sweet baby. You said it perfectly, Ben, then only answer is Jesus!!!

  12. Ben and Megan, you don’t know me, but, God has put you in my life. You are teaching us all how to pray! You are teaching us to trust Jesus and that Jesus is the one in control! Little Bennett is bringing us all to our knees! Praying day and night for little Bennett and all those precious little ones at St. Jude’s. God Bless You in this journey! patty archer(Colleen Gardner’s cousin)

  13. I’ve been praying for all of you & I wanted to let you know that I called K-Love this morning to put Bennett on their prayer list as well. That should add an extra 120,000 people praying for Baby Bennett. God does/will hear us.

  14. You are right, the answer is Jesus. We are mighty with Him. Continuing to pray for Bennett and all y’all. Much love sent your way.

  15. Our GOD is a BIG GOD! HE is bigger than this! Father, we ask that You use this for Your glory to prove to the unbelievers there that YOU ARE GOD and YOU are in control!

    Love you all…


  16. Ben, Thank you for leading us as we struggle through this with you. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. These unsusal reports are good news amongst the difficult news. We are joyful with you that the advance against this illness has begun! Continuing Prayer.

    1. I want you to know so many people are praying for Bennett and my Aunt is part of a national prayer group and Bennett is on that list.
      The Bible states: Call unto me, and I will show the great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. Jeremiah 33:3. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers continually.

  17. Ben and Megan,
    My heart hurts for what you are going thru with Bennett and the time apart from your family.. I pray that God will give you much comfort and hope in the days ahead. You are in my prayers and those of our Bible study class – Faith First, here at Parkridge. Ben is absolutely right… the only answer…is Jesus!

  18. Mike and I are praying with you on the bag. We pray that they are the vehicle God will use to heal Ben. Ben, we are learning so much from you and Megan. The positive attitude you both have in our Savior is a testimony for us. It is also reaffirming for us. Any other needs, consider us family and call!!

  19. Thank you for the update Ben, as I know it was difficult to do with all that was going on around you. Praying for you all! Bennett is blessed with awesome parents!!!

  20. Mike and I continue to pray for you all. This moment we ask for sweet comfort and peace to prevail over you and Megan as you draw strength, resolve and hope for each day’s journey.

  21. My family is praying for baby Bennett and for all of you. May The Lord bless you and heal baby Bennett. May he hold you by your right hand and walk you through this journey every step of the way.

  22. Ben, your words are a support and comfort to
    all of us. They make us strong in Jesus, belief
    for the best, and prayer for Bennett. You and
    Megan stay strong in health, physically and
    emotionally and strong in your faith! Blessings.
    Yvonne Bogan

  23. Praying God’s presence will mightily touch Bennett and you both.
    “Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23b
    I am calling your names in prayer daily.

  24. Dear Ben and Megan,
    As I read your latest post, I am at a loss for words. I wish I had something profound to say that would comfort you, but all I can say is my heart and prayers are with you. You are both such an amazing testimony to faith in God and the peace he provides. Please know that Jim and I are both here for you and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you both for the updates and allowing us to share in this journey with your family.

  25. Ben & Megan, We are praying in unison with you & with so many others who love you. We are praying that the chemo shrinks the tumor quickly so that it can be removed. We give thanks & praise that it didn’t begin in little Bennett’s kidneys or brain….Praise God! Praying for a good nights rest for all of you & that the Hands of the Mighty Physician guide all of the doctors & nurses who tend to Bennett. #Pray4BabyBennett

  26. Ben & Megan, we are praying in unison with you. We’re praying that the tumor is shrunken quickly so it can be removed soon. We’re thankful that it didn’t begin in little Bennett’s kidneys or brain~Praise God!! Much love & prayers…#Pray4BabyBennett

  27. Dear Ben and Megan,
    We have been faithful in believing God for Bennett’s healing and in prayer. Please know that we are here fore your family. We have walked the “cancer walk” (coretta’s daddy) and that road is a challenge. But rest assure that the mighty God we serve will Shepard you all through every moment and procedure of the day just as His Word promises goodness and mercy will surely follow ALL the days of your lives. We trust, know, and believe that Jesus is the answer- Amen!
    God Bless You,
    The Perkins Family

  28. Ben & Megan, We are praying in unison with you that the tumor will shrink quickly and it can be removed very soon. We are thankful that it had not started in his kidneys or brain-Praise God. Love, Hugs and Prayers are sent your way always…#Pray4BabyBennett

  29. We are praying for complete healing for precious baby Bennett and that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all as you go through this difficult time.

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