tell someone thank you :: being thankful

The other day I asked the kids if they wanted to make a little sign for the preschool workers at our church that told them Thank You (it was going to be for the ladies that helped out with childcare for our Bible study). If there is ever an excuse for them to do an activity, they will always say yes. And because I am a wise mother who remembered the issues we had in making our family thanksgiving tree, I let them have their own sheet of paper to make a sign this time.

So my 3 year old daughter Reide painted and painted and painted. Well she painted so much, she ripped right through the paper.  Oh well! I still had Davis’ sign. Now he was asking me how to spell Happy Thanksgiving. At first I explained that it wasn’t Thanksgiving yet and this was just a sign to give to the workers to tell them thank you. HA! Do you have the kind of kind that when they get something in their head, they CAN NOT let it go?! This is my Davis. He insisted we wish them Happy Thanksgiving. No problem. So I’m telling him letter by letter how to spell it and he’s writing it on this great sign he colored and made. Well because I am a mother who tries to multitask, I was running around doing other things as I was spelling. And of course, I was not thinking and told him to spell Happy Thankful. Hmmm. Since he can’t read yet, I could’ve gotten away with it but I told him I spelled the wrong word…thankful instead of thanksgiving. Here is where the crying began. Wow…so far I am failing in my thankful activities with the kids! They are all ending in tears:)

But Davis pulled it together, grabbed another sheet of paper and this time I spelled it right for him. And he drew a cute little turkey too. Here is the masterpiece…

Now if only he wanted to give it to the childcare ladies…nope! He had his heart on giving it to someone in the church office. So after Bible study, we went into the office and he gave it to Lyndale, our executive pastor. And I love that he did this. The staff loves my kids and my kids love them. I am definitely thankful for that!

So think of someone you are thankful for and tell them TODAY. And involve your kids. It will be fun!

Other things we’ve been adding to our thankful tree over the last few days…

  • Davis: shrimp night, tilapia night (can you tell he likes seafood?!), his stuffed animal Sleepy
  • Reide: the thankful tree, my daddy, my blankie
  • Hubby: my wife, our house, the food mommy cooks (he said this on a night the kids were complaining that they didn’t like dinner!)
  • Me: that the staff love my kids, my hubby

I would love to hear what you and your family are thankful for too!!