Technical glitches…

Hey everyone! We had some glitches with our website yesterday and discovered those who receive updates in their email did not receive our last post. If you missed yesterday’s update in your inbox, but did get this post through email, that means we got it fixed! You can click here to read the post you may have missed.  As always, thanks for all your support…you all are amazing!


  1. PTL for working in Bennett’s life. I know the excitement of numbers in our bodies. My husband experienced kidney failure this year and a celebration was had every time his liver function improved. I know prayers healed him and I know they will continue to heal little Bennett. Praising Him for everything big and small.

  2. Ben and Megan – I’ve got a friend who knows several folks in Memphis and is going to put the word out about housing…will let you know if I hear anything – love you all and am praying!

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