start walking :: praying for my kids

A few days ago we had a team meeting for the upcoming conference that starts TONIGHT! We talked through the little details, the big details, the decorations, the table layout, the food and on and on. But what I loved the most…we took the time to prayer walk in the room that the conference will be. All the chairs were still set up in rows like on Sunday mornings and the nine of us walked in and among the chairs, walked on the stage, walked into the sound booth, walked into the foyer where our guests will arrive…just walking AND praying. Not out loud. Just silently to God.

I will give you every place where you set your foot… (Joshua 1:3)

He will give us EVERY PLACE where we set our feet in His name. Have you ever done this for your kids? Walking their rooms and praying for their rest. Walking outside and praying for their protection. Walking their school and praying for their influence. Just walking AND praying.

That’s my challenge for you today. Go into each of your kids’ rooms and pray as you walk around. It’s not fancy. It’s just praying for God to go before them. I will be walking and praying in my kids’ rooms this morning (and bonus because it’s my daughter’s birthday today!). And then tonight I will be walking the same room again for the conference, but this time their will be round tables and chairs. It will be beautifully decorated and I will be able to pass by each table. As I brush my hand on the back of the chair, I will be praying for the woman who will be sitting there to be transformed by God this weekend! Give us this place, Lord!