Second round of chemo starts tonight…a whole week early!

We have some updates on Bennett that we wanted to share with you all. During the doctor appointment today, they shared that they were not encouraged by Bennett’s liver numbers (they get these from his blood) and the tumor isn’t appearing to shrink after the first round of chemo. So instead of waiting until next week to begin round two, they are starting TONIGHT!

Honestly, we are having some mixed emotions about this. Of course we are saddened by the initial news that the chemo hasn’t affected the tumor yet. But at the same time we are excited that our doctors are staying multiple steps ahead of this thing and willing to get started now because it’s best for Bennett. We honesty can’t imagine going through this anywhere else!

So for now we are finding hope in a few different things. For one…we are hopeful because this is just the beginning. There is always more to do. If this doesn’t work, the doctors will continue to look for a plan that does. And of course, the main source of our hope is the Lord.

Many of you have shared about how you have cried for us and some of you have even cried along with us. So I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the time I cried as well. To begin, you need to know that Megan calls me heartless (in a joking way of course). I’m the most even keeled person you may ever meet. I just don’t have drastic emotions, and so I don’t cry that often. But the first night in Memphis after we found out Bennett’s diagnosis, God met me in a powerful way that brought me to tears. I was driving to Kroger to get some things we needed and as I pulled in the parking lot my favorite song came over the radio. Please do what I did and turn this up loud. Take a minute and listen.

As I sang out loud along with this song, I found myself sobbing and the answer to this great question…If our God is for us what can stand against? The answer…Nothing!

Cancer cannot stand against us.

Fear cannot stand against us.

Isolation cannot stand against us.

No enemy can stand against us because our God is FOR US! He is FOR BENNETT! And the only way we can keep our eyes on that…the only way we can keep our hearts encouraged…is to worship the God who is for us and our son. So as you join us in worship right now, know that we are praising God for these things…

  • We are so thankful that one of Bennett’s favorite nurses is going to be with him tonight when he gets this next round of drugs. Pray for Mieka and the other nurses as they take care of Bennett the next couple of days.
  • We are also thankful that it looks like Bennett will be getting this next round in the evening again. He was able to sleep through the last round and we are praying it goes that well again.
  • We are also thankful that he no longer has RSV! He is still positive for the flu, but it is not hitting him hard. Pray that it goes away and gets out of isolation by the time he is released from the hospital.
  • We are thankful that the doctors are ready to treat this thing aggressively. Pray that this round of chemo will work towards shrinking the tumor and we get closer to removing it surgically.

Thank you for battling with us.  God is using you to hold us up when we are weak!


  1. Oh Folks, how I pray for all of you and am so amazed at the strength which you are walking through this thing. Your willingness to share and transparency is wonderful. Thank you for allowing us along side by side with you on this journey.
    God Bless You Guys and we love you.

  2. Thank you for the update. It helps to pray informed, specific , targeted prayers.
    Please rest in the knowledge that you have many agreeing in prayer with you.
    Jesus said it only takes 2 or 3 , so be encouraged, our God hears and is faithful.
    Love from us both,
    Aunt Ann and Uncle Carter

  3. “When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94:18-19”

    Praying right alongside you in love.

  4. Putting on my armor with you and sending prayer for all that you ask! You are not alone!
    Angie & James
    Deuteronomy 31:6

    1. I am praying everyday and night for Bennett! You are all so strong! God is truly there in your midst!

  5. Wow, what news … as you stated, not exactly what we want to hear at first, but blessed these doctors aren’t playing around and are jumping up his second round of Chemo NOW!! We continue in Prayer for Bennette and your Family every day, a few times a day in our Prayers. Myself, my 6-year-old daughter and my 3-year-old daughter who feel as if they “know” Baby Bennett by now because of me keeping them up to date in their terms – and listening to them as we all three take turns with Prayers at night (they are learning), they automatically pray for protection to surround Bennett, as well as miracle healing — my Prayers being more in depth and combined with tears as both Girls hold my hands comming together in prayer.

    The Lord loves His People, especially His little Children and we Pray first and foremost that He is with Bennett by his side and walking with him through this ordeal, and secondly that He bless these doctors and give them the knowledge they need, the perseverance, and the attention to detail to be able to see, AND WORK WITH whatever it is that this Cancer throws their way!!

    We are following you along this Journey, Praying for you and yes, as a Mother with an also ill child, CRYING FOR YOU and all you are dealing with as a Family, and all precious Bennett is enduring!!

    And don’t worry, nothing will stop our continued Prayers and efforts to fight along side you, even though we are in Lafayette.

    Just to strengthen your thoughts as much as possible, there are people who are praying and have added you to Prayer Lists at Church from MY hometown, Rochester, NY and another beloved Town where Jesus walked with me through some perilous times, York, Harrisburg and Hanover, PA — from there, your Story is being spread throught Ireland and we have even managed to get prayers up for Bennett and your Family, by passing your Blog on in many other places, so PLEASE KNOW, that from one end of the earth to others and we will keep fighting alongside you. From a Momma of a sick Child to another, from one FAMILY of a Child fighting against time to another, we weep with you and Pray!! God Bless you all and we’ll be watching that this tumor shrinks and this Chemo does it’s job, and that sweet Bennett stays strong and gets better with this …. we love you and thank you for posting such personal family information to keep us all updated.

    Katie C. (EBBC) and fellow Sister-in-Christ

  6. Dear Ben and Megan, we continue to stand and fight this battle with you! As always, you never cease to amaze us with your strength and courage!! Thank you for sharing your heart and for being such an amazing example of trusting God even when we don’t understand his plan! Our prayers are with you tonight as this next round of chemo begins!!!

  7. “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deut 31:6

    What a wonderful assurance from our Lord! Lifting you in prayer!

  8. Continuing to pray for Bennett. I’m so glad that Bennett’s favorite nurse will be with him, as he begins round 2. I am also thankful that he is now negative for RSV…that is definitely answered prayer. Love and prayers to all of you, and xo to Bennett.

  9. Ben and Megan, Each time I read your posts, I want to let you know how much you are loved, to encourage you, to calm you, to be here for you. But I can’t- because your words, your posts are there for us- for our love, for our encouragement, for our calmness. Both of you are so amazing! Nothing I can say will ever be as yours are!

    So in my totally insufficient way, here are my words to you…

    Love you, think about you, praying for you! OUR GOD IS STRONGER! HE is being glorified through this by you….


  10. When I wake up, before breakfast, after Bible Study homework, on the treadmill, before lunch, on my way to the grocery store, before dinner, before bed with the kids, on the phone with a friend, before bed with my hubby & numerous other times throughout the day…Praying without ceasing for sweet Bennett’s total healing & for God’s strength & peace to uphold you. Sending love & blessings!

  11. I can’t even begin to put into words how amazed and moved to tears I continue to be by your strength! You guys are an inspiration and true testimony of standing strong in The Lord! Praying for you, Megan, Bennett and all of the medical staff!

  12. Cheryl said it best… We’re praying without ceasing! Be blessed sweet family and I’m worshipping right with you! LOVE that song Ben!

  13. Prayers for your Bennett and you and Megan. I pray for all of you every day. Believe you are in a great place for him. That is my favorite charity. Prayers and God with you.

  14. I carry you and Bennett in my heart every day all day long. I speak with God for you and about you many times as my day goes by. I pray for you and with you morning and night. And I pray believing God will heal your son. Thank you for the way you glorify the God we serve!

  15. Praying everyday and specifically tonight. Our pastor just recently reminded us that as we rest and prepare for the next day, God is still at work through the night! He’s with you and Bennett all night long!

  16. We are so lifted up by your praise of the Lord for your little guy Bennett. We will add all of you to our prayer list. Keep the Faith and trust the Lord.

  17. Thank you for the updates, we like knowing how to pray for Bennett and your family. Just wanted to share a story with you about how your journey is helping me teach my girls (5 & 2) about prayer and faith. Both of my little ones have been battling colds/stomach bug for over a week. The other night at bedtime I was praying with my 2 yr old and asking God to help her feel better. She interrupts me to tell me “Pray baby Bennett feel better too.” My 2 yr old child not only remembered about your sweet boy but wanted me to pray for him instead of her. Later my husband told me that she did the same thing with him the prior night. We have faith that God is going to heal Bennett and use this story to glorify Him!

  18. YOU are one amazing woman! Your faith is inspiring, so say the least. Please, know that Bennett, you and your family and all the healthcare workers are in my prayers as well as the prayers of my fellow prayer warriors on facebook and in my rosary group. I love that your are as a dear friend of mine says, “keeping the faith”! xoxo from Opelousas!

  19. Hello Coleman family. You guys are never far from my thoughts and prayers. I have even posted a picture of baby Bennett in my office to remind me to stop and pray for him as well as all of you in the busyness of my work. May God grant his healing upon Bennett and all the children at St. Jude. May God continue to sustain you with His strength and mercy. Big hugs from us.

  20. “You are my hiding place, Lord; You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7

    ALWAYS praying for you guys!!

  21. You continue in my prayers. My heart cries with you that your dear little Bennett is having to go through this second round of Chemo so soon. I look forward to your posts.

  22. Praying for your family!! We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow!! What you are going thru can be so scary but knowing that when we have God on our side there is nothing more powerful!! Stay strong you have a lot of people praying and thinking about you all!!! Hugs from our house to yours!

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