record the blessings :: being thankful

Thankfulness is one of those areas of my life where I have good intentions but often fail because I have no plan. It’s so easy to think, “Yeah, I’m thankful for that” especially on a really good day. But do we really stop and search for that day’s blessings and thank God for it?

So this month will be different for me. It will be a month of intentionality in my thankfulness. And I’m praying it will be a month of God stretching me in what I’m thankful for and how I give thanks.

I probably won’t share every single day of blessing here on the blog. But that doesn’t mean I’m still not recording them somewhere. In fact, I’d encourage you to write them down too. How great will it be to walk away from this month with a list of the things we’re thankful for…and possibly the beginning of a growing list we keep adding to!

I have two methods I’m using for recording my everyday blessings this month…

1000 Gifts App: If you have read Ann Voscamp’s book, then you know she is a woman who, in the midst of a crazy imperfect life, finds ways to see the blessings every day. This app will help you record them every day and you can add pictures or video too. So it’s downloaded on my phone and being used!

Sticky Notes with the Kids: What good is being thankful if we just keep it all to ourselves? So let’s involve the family! We are probably going to make a thanksgiving tree on butcher paper that the kids will paint and decorate. Each night at dinner we will add a small sticky note to the tree of the things we are all thankful for. Just think of how many “leaves” that tree will have in one month:) And your kids hearts will see the importance of being thankful every day too!

Now don’t be fooled. I still have to set an alarm to go off every day to ensure I don’t forget to be thankful! I know my weaknesses and unfortunately my memory fails me all too often. So do whatever it takes for you to remember to be thankful every day too.

Before I sign out for the night, I will share what I’m thankful for today…the vision God gave me for this blog. Not only has He used it to release me from feeling like I needed to do everything perfect all the time, but He’s also been gracious enough to use it to draw me closer to Himself. I actually talk to Him more now. I rely on Him more now. I think about Him more now. I am thankful for Him more now!

Thank you Jesus!