Overflowing with praise and puke last night

Last night I was getting into the bed next to Bennett’s crib (he was sleeping) and was thanking God for His provision and answer to prayer. I was also reading all of the comments from everyone on the last post and was so encouraged.

But then the dreadful noise hit…Bennett was puking all over his bed. So much that the feeding tube came out! And once I got it all cleaned up, he threw up on another bed.

And then another pair of pajamas.

And then on the floor.


If you were a fly on the wall, you would have had pity on the situation for only a minute. Then you would’ve probably laughed a little. Really, because it was chaos with just the two of us and a lot of me standing there laughing and saying, “I don’t even know where to start!”

Do you clean up the kid first only to have him puke on himself again? Or do you let the kid sit there in it and clean the rest up? Such dilemmas late at night.

And with us, the most important part is to SAVE THE DRESSING. The dressing is what keeps his line “buddies” in his chest. Once it gets wet, then the dressing has to be changed. And that would’ve been awful! So you can imagine him starting to get sick again and I’m saying, “Bennett, save the dressing!” Like he even knows what I’m saying.

Wow. What a night! It was definitely overflowing with praise and then puke:)

Here are all of the washing machines I filled with the blankets and sheets and pjs that got caught in the line of fire…

But once we were all settled back in our beds and Bennett fell back asleep (on a towel just in case!), I started thinking about what had just happened.

Why God, after such a great day, would we have to end on that note?

Well, we need to remember that we are always in a battle. Even on good days, we are still fighting. And there will be times when we grow weary, but we can’t give up!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)

Here are a few prayer updates:

  • Since Bennett pulled out the feeding tube last night, he got another one today. But then pulled that one out during naps today. Oh my! They will try to put it in again tomorrow during sedation. Let’s pray it stays in this time and that he gets used to it.
  • Tomorrow is the last day of radiation. Pray that it is powerful on the tumor but gentle on the rest of Bennett’s body. Let’s pray protection over his whole body.
  • We aren’t sure if his upset stomach last night was the increased amount of food in his feeding tube or a side effect of radiation. Regardless, we need to pray his stomach stays settled and his appetite continues to increase on its own. And no more puking!

PS…I truly am overwhelmed by all the support from our readers! My favorite is hearing how little kids are speaking Bennett’s name and praying for his healing too. If you didn’t see the post on Facebook a few days ago, I shared a prayer that our Davis said with Ben the other night…

Dear Jesus, thank you for Bennett. I pray You shrink the tumor and that You just punch it in the face. Take it out, tear it into pieces and throw it on the floor. Amen.

That’s my boy!


  1. My son and I pray for Bennett every night right before bed. There are days when Talan, who just made 4 in Jan, will randomly ask if baby Bennett has made it home yet, and if they can play together when he makes it home. He has so many questions about why he is sick, and why he has to stay so far away… It warms my heart that your beautiful baby and his powerful story is having such an effect on even such a young audience! So once you guys are able to make it home for good, Talan will be patiently waiting for his chance to meet and play with his friend baby Bennett! God is good, and we have faith that this day will come!

  2. Dear Megaroo…. We continue to lift you, Ben, Bennett, and the whole family, in prayer. Funny thing, I’ve caught myself repeating Davis’s words about PUNCHING THE TUMOR IN THE FACE. Powerful words, and so very descriptive. I’m so happy for you that your whole family will soon be together under one roof. We love you guys.

  3. Oh I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how overwhelming this must be. Bless poor Bennett’s heart. I pray that you can have a more restful night tonight without incident. May God grant you and Bennett a peaceful slumber to awaken refreshed and ready to do battle another day!

    In Jesus’s name I pray.

  4. I have been thanking God for his grace on Bennett all night and day with a smile on my face!! Bless this little boy with love and hugs even during the throw-ups. It is his body expelling what it does not want him to have in his tummy. i can’t wait until all of you are together through the thick and thin!!

  5. Dear Ben and Megan,
    How we are praying! …And crying and laughing with you. We’re rejoicing and praising God for the miracles God had worked already, and we know He never stops working! So, thank You, Father for your next glorious and gracious work in this family. Amen

  6. Megan, with some things you just have to have a sense of humor. I pray that Bennett has a better night tonight and that there is continued improvement with the tumor. I pray that Bennett’s body can handle the radiation treatment and my prayer is for you and your family stay strong through these challenges.

  7. Megan, you amaze me! I know it’s Christ strength in you, but you amaze me! Thank you for being so real with your journey, sharing, and ministering to me & so many others in ways you have no idea! We have been thanking God with you and so happy for all the blessings & answered prayers yesterday! We are still praying, praying, praying! Love you all!

  8. My son, Aiden, came home from school last week and told me his teacher (Mrs Richard,LCA 2nd grade) prayed for Bennett with the class. We lift Bennett up each night before bed. In our thoughts and prayers often! Love, The Smith’s

  9. Our two oldest grandsons, Matthew & Mark pray for Bennett when at our house (& at home too)! When eating dinner a few days ago, they wanted to set the empty chair for Bennett, so we do every time they eat with us, which is often! Out of the mouth of babes!

  10. I haven’t left any comments before now but then I read how you enjoy reading everyone’s comments. So I thought I’d let you know we pray for you daily and you are on our Sunday School prayer list as well. We rejoice with you and cry with you. May our God continue to heal, restore, unite, strengthen, bring you peace and give you rest. Blessings from Darwin and Fauhn Schierer

  11. Such humor prayers for Bennett daily and no more puke. Will pray for happy tummy and boy. God bless and hold you all close.

  12. Seems like you needed the laugh! God is good even when there’s puke all over the place. We are praying for you and the little man tonight.

  13. My small group is praying for Bennett, you and the rest of your family. “Punch that tumor out!” Love it… and I’m praying with your son 🙂

  14. Megan,
    You are such an amazing mom and woman. It’s crazy that your beautiful honesty and sharing can bring me both to tears and make me laugh. We were so happy to read your blog yesterday, and we have been giving praise and thanks to God all day today. Noah and Madi both have the sweetest prayers for Bennett and your family. We will continue to pray daily for his healing and comfort. May God bless you all!

  15. “I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will rest in hope. For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption. You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:8-11.

    You have great faithfulness to The Lord.

    Even through the exhaustion, and the overwhelming vomit, you will not be shaken! You are standing in His promises and we are standing with you! My prayer is that Bennett will lift high the name of The Lord all the days of his life, as will his children and his children’s children. Amen!

  16. I love reading about all of these children praying for Bennett. Our girls pray for him daily too and were very excited when we gave them his update. My oldest (5 yr) is now trusting God so much more for healing and asking me to pray for things for her b/c she’s seeing how God is answering our prayers for Bennett. Love love love how this is encouraging all of these children.

  17. I love you sweet friend! I don’t even want to imagine having to decide which to clean up first BUT I am usually the 1st to laugh at inappropriate times. I was giggling at the thought of you telling B to “save the dressing” while he’s soaking everything else 🙂 Thanks for knowing there are flies on the wall, like me, that can empathize with the disaster of puke everywhere, agonize for you having to clean it up (while trying to not puke yourself) and still knowing that it must be a laughable sight to see. Thanks also for sharing how many loads of laundry that one episode took because it made me giggle an extra time (because it was such an inappropriate time to giggle.) God’s had me randomly up at night this week and I’m reminded to pray for you. Jeremy is continually asking to pray for Bennett at bedtime prayers too 🙂

  18. Oh Gosh, Megan — I’m so sorry that happened to you, and I can’t believe all of the wash that had to be done??!!!!! That was a LOT of PUKE I can see!!? I will be praying for all your requests above, today over and over, and tonight until bedtime.

    Wow, and had I known you liked reading posts about the Prayers from the Children, I could have filled every day with posts about the way my Girls have prayed for Bennett each night!!

    Every night, with the lights off and the closet door light on (left on at night for my 6-year-old Olyvia), Olyvia and I bend down on our knees on each side of her bed, and my youngest, Sydnie (3-years-old) who is still in a high-raised bar crib due to her “special needs” and not being ready for a bed yet, lays down in her bed on her belly and folds her little hands — and we each go around and say our OWN PRAYERS, leaving ME as the last one to cover anything that might have been missed. Just our traditional way we do it at night – through the day, we just talk to God wherever we are.

    Well, Sydnie’s prayers get a little colorful and her little voice and how she prays with her eyes closed and hands tightly clenched (looks like she’s really concentrating and she DOES know the Lord — she KNOWS she’s praying to a higher power, she’s just not as educated obviously as to WHO yet, though I am trying to teach her) … she starts the prayer routine off, then Olyvia, then momma.

    Sydnie’s prayers at night always include “Baby Bennett”, “Arene” who is a little Girl we adopted in Uganda through World Vision and also the children and people at St. Jude Hospital IN GENERAL since we “adopted them” in a way each month giving to them – then her family after that. So, her prayer last night was (and I’m typing this as she says it so you can get a hint of how she sounds when she’s praying and why I LOVE to hear her pray to our God each night): “Deew Got, pweese bwess baby Bennett and take his tumerw out of his belly and frow it verwy farw away and pweese keep him safe and hewfy and NOOOO PAIN IN HIS BOO-BOO’S, annnnnndd PWEEEESE hewp his famwy be stwong and bwess them and hewp his Mommy not be sad becaws you will hewp him and mash the tumerw up and frow it in the garwbage outside for the garwbage twuck annnnnnddd PWEEEEEESE bwess baby Bennett’s HOOOOOOO famwe so we can awwl be togefer fast wif his Daddy and Brofer and Sisterw and God PWEEEEEESE bwess ouw sins and forwgive us and hewp us to be betterw peopwl tomowhoa to make you happy. Pweeese bwess Granny and Shaw and Mimi and Papa and ouw hoooooo famwe, keep us safe and build a hedge of pwotection awound evewyone vat needs you and heerw ouw pwayers. OH, AND DEEEEEW GOT (God), PWEEEEESE I FOGOT, PWEEEEESE BWESS AWEEN (Arene) in Afwica, and pweeese bwess all the of-er kids and peowple at St. Jude and hewp theyw cancerw to get fwone away too in a garwbage fowr the garwbage truck. And I wuv you VEEEEWWWWWYYY much, in Jes’s mame (name but she says “MAME”) I pway, AMEN!!” Then she sits up and claps and says “I did it Mommy, I said my own Pwayers!! Ina VEWY good girl Mommy!!!!”

    Warms my heart because like I said, she has her eyes TIGHTLY CLOSED, her little tiny hands are clenched in Prayer and she’s laying on her belly and THINKING and CONCENTRATING SO HARD so she doesn’t forget anything — and she has been praying her own prayers for almost a YEAR NOW – with them getting better EACH DAY. I’m so proud of her — AND my Olyvia, who generally does very well with her Prayers as she’s older.

    My point was more to give you just ONE PICTURE IN YOUR MIND of how my 3-year-old prays every night for your little one and your family, Megan – and when we are out, if we hear a song on K-Love, the only station we really listen to unless ONCE IN A WHILE, if Daddy is in the car we listen to Country – but with Momma, it’s always K-LOVE, we hear songs all day long that we’ll turn up loud and both of my Girls will have their “Antenna’s” up (their hands) PRAISING GOD, and yelling “We love you Lord!” and “THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US IN OUR LIVES, GOD!!” and then there are some of those songs that we listen to – move back and forth to, and think about Bennett and your Family and in between the words, will say things like “We’re singing this for Baby Bennett Lord, please hear our Prayers and please be with him”, or “Lord, we want to dedicate this song for Baby Bennett and his Whole Family!!” and it’s just one of those moving, all truthful, all FAITHFUL, LEANING ON THE LORD AND KNOWING HE IS THERE AND KNOWING HE IS LISTENING – like that time we were singing and Olyvia saw that CROSS in the sky when we were doing JUST THAT, praying for Bennett in the Car, along with the Song playing – and two different planes had crossed over each other, leaving a PERFECT CROSS in the sky, that my 6-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER WAS JOYFUL AS COULD BE BECAUSE SHE KNEW it was a sign, and took it as if GOD WAS HEARING US AND WAS WITH BENNETT!! It’s always those moments I treasure most —

    We’re praying for you all Megan, and even with all the blessings you’ve received, I just want you to know that the HELP and BLESSINGS are not over yet, not even close!! I am so happy to hear about your apartment, your furniture, your groceries — but I happen to know, for a FACT because I was given this information from the LORD HIMSELF — YOUR BLESSINGS FROM FRIENDS (The Church, your Friends and EVEN THOSE “FRIENDS” that are still waiting eagerly to meet you … *wink*) are not stopping yet. So please, know that you are NOT ALONE IN ANY WAY. THAT MANY, including myself, would be there in moments notice for you.

    I know this is THE MOST difficult moment in your LIFE – the BIGGEST MOUNTAIN YOU’LL EVER HAVE TO CLIMB and hopefully the last, God Willing – but you somehow learn and grow, becoming “ONE” per se, with what is going on around you and as you know, when it’s your CHILD – you just get this life-force inside of you, that ENERGY that keeps you going, the GRACE and MERCY and STRENGTH that God GIVES YOU because He knows that we ARE GOING to be there no matter what, and we should – and with and because of our faith in Him, He PROVIDES OUR BODIES with what they need to hover over our sick children. And when you have those times that you feel as if you just want to hit the floor and cry, beat the wall and pass out — you wait patiently, take care of yourself too, PRAY AND LET HIM KNOW YOU ARE FALLING, and quickly, you will see a change, a FIRM HAND on you, replenishing you once again, to recover yourself for the job he has you HERE FOR. Your Children, your Work helping others, your Husband. You are here for a PURPOSE, a very STRONG PURPOSE – and we are ALL LIFTING YOU UP FERVENTLY IN PRAYER to help keep you going, so you can be there for your little one. God needed you to be here for this. This is a fight that YOU ARE GOING TO WIN. THIS TUMOR WILL NOT TAKE OVER, because it is of nothing GOOD, and nothing GOOD is NOTHING OF GOD’S!!!

    We love you, and watch for posts from you EVERY DAY!! I know that I CHECK FOR THEM every day and I’m sure many others do also!!

    Katie and daughter’s Olyvia-6 and Sydnie-3

  19. O’How I love to hear your praise of God Almighty even in the midst of all of the mess. You are my hero, baby girl. We are still lifting your sweet Bennett up everyday as well as you and the whole family. Onward Christians Soldiers the battle has begun and we will not shrink back until the victory is won!! God hears, He is mighty to heal and dances over us with singing. Love you, hug your precious baby for me.

  20. Praising God with you in Alabama. I’m a friend of a friend of a friend of yours in Indonesia. If you haven’t done so today, go to YouTube and watch Mandisa’s “Overcomer” video. It encourages me as she sings the truth and promises of Gods Word. Praying for your entire family.

  21. Bennett looks so sweet and darling in his pictures! Thank you for posting pictures, Megan. Praise God for all the moments of comfort and peace. Don’t hesitate to ask or talk to docs and nurses about nausea meds early on; much easier to control it before it gets bad. May want to pretreat before bed to (hopefully) prevent nighttime *disruptions. My unsolicited advice, love love.
    So happy to hear of all the good news, we will continue to pray for healing and for all of you to be together as soon as possible. Bennett doesn’t know he has a tumor but he knows that he is loved and I pray that his spirit feels all the love that everybody’s prayers are sending. That’s a lot of love!
    Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinth.13:7
    So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinth.13:13
    Lord, please protect baby Bennett in every way as he travels through this journey with his family. Holy Spirit, please strengthen and fortify all of our faith, hope and love, especially, Ben and Megan’s, so our prayers can work mightily to God’s glory. Make it so we cannot help but overflow with love and blessings in our thoughts, speech and actions in little Bennett’s life, however close or faraway we are. Amen

  22. My daughter goes to the same school as your kiddos but in a different class. She will randomly bring up Bennett and say she wants to pray for him at bedtime. She’s four and we let her pray all on her own for him…it’s often these words with eyes squeezed shut..”God, heal baby Bennett. And don’t let him have any more pain. Amen.” Out of the mouths of babes!

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