our thankful tree :: being thankful

Well I kind of get a failing grade for being thankful these first few days of the month. I didn’t get the tree done with the kids until tonight and I have barely thought about what I want to do this month to be thankful (actual acts of thanksgiving!). But one thing I have done is record what I’m thankful for the last few days. Here’s my list so far. Thank you God for…

  • The vision for this blog (I shared that in the last post)
  • Hearing and seeing how much my kids love seeing daddy come home (I wrote this after the kids saw daddy for the first time in over a week…squeals in this house!)
  • Friendships (I just came off a whole week hanging with my best friend in Austin and am so grateful for the friendship God has blessed us with…over 15 years!)

And for today, I’m thankful for house projects. I have to be honest, I am not in the mood to be thankful for this because I look around my house and that’s all I see…baseboards to paint, things to hang, cabinets to touch up, crown molding to put up… the list goes on and on. But if I waited for the right mood to be thankful for things, I know I would miss a lot of blessings! So I AM thankful for the many projects in front of me because that means I have a home that God has provided for us…a home for my kids to feel safe and loved in, a home where my husband finds peace from the craziness of ministry, a home for visitors to feel welcome…a home! So in the midst of drowning in projects, thank you Lord that you’ve given me a place to do them.

Now I can’t resist sharing our Thanksgiving tree. Just warning you…not the best tree I’ve ever done (some of those branches are looking very strange!).

photo (15)

And while we were doing this, the kids were NOT laughing or shouting out their thankfulness. Instead…complete crying because one didn’t like how the other was coloring the tree, the other didn’t like how they were coloring on their side and one wanted to paint instead of color. Oh my! But we pushed through, wrote out the last few days of thankfulness and hung it up. Here’s praying for a little more positivity with this project throughout the month:) So each family member has their own colored leaves and we write one thing each day and glue it on. I can’t wait to see how full the tree is in one month! And the verse on the tree is…

I will enter His gates with THANKSGIVING and His courts with praise. Give THANKS to Him and praise His name. (Psalm 100:4)

My sweet friend Casey has a much cuter turkey (you can read more on her blog at The Mommy Teacher). The first picture is the one she’s doing with her kids at home and the next is the one they did in her son’s classroom. When you zoom in on the classroom one, you can see some of the answers the kids gave. My favorites, “I’m thankful for the nanny” and “I’m thankful for the xbox”. Gotta love kids!

So it’s not too late to pull out some white poster board, construction paper or anything you have around the house and start making a tree or a turkey of thankfulness for your kids to be involved with for this month! I just love hearing what they are thankful for. What are your kids saying so far?