Our blog got a makeover!

When you are in the middle of fighting cancer…it’s always fun when you have good problems. The last day I have had the house in Lafayette to myself and been able to get a LOT of things done. One of those is finishing up a major makeover to our blog. Why?¬†Well, we have had so much traffic and so many people wanting to share our posts with their friends, we needed to make our blog a little more user friendly. That’s a good problem to have! So our newly redesigned blog has some helpful features…

Prayer Calendar on the Homepage Slider

At the top you’ll see a slider where we can post the most important stuff we want people to see. A link to our Prayer Calendar will always be the first thing you see since that will never change as the most important thing. By the way…have you signed up for prayer times for March?! Click here to sign-up!

Easy ways to find old post

A lot of you have asked for links to old posts so you can share them with friends. Well, we have made that a lot easier too. Here are the different ways you can find old posts:

  • The search icon on the right side of the menu bar.
  • The sidebar box to the right now has a longer list of recent posts, comments and an archive search.
  • Click on Archive in the menu and it will take you to a page that has all our posts organized by month at a quick glance.

New Facebook Group

We have started a new Facebook group for you to join to help you stay updated even more often. There are some days that so much happens we can only update you all through a blog post. But for those slow days when we only have a little to share, we will be doing it through the Facebook group. You can click here to join it!

I know we say it a lot…but I have to say thank you again. You all are an amazing army of loved ones supporting us and praying for our son. I can’t tell you how many times we hear people share stories of God using this situation for good. People who doubted there was a god are now following us and re-examining their beliefs, others are finding amazing joy in giving for the first time, and countless people are being drawn deeper into their relationships with Jesus. I never imagined that God would write this kind of chapter in my life. And now that He is, I am blessed that so many of you are enjoying reading it with me like a great book you just can’t put down. I pray that God will write a less painful chapter for you…but one just as exciting…one that get’s you up each morning ready to see what God does next. I think this is what it means to walk in faith. So, please walk in faith and trust that giving God freedom to write the story of your life is far better than trying to write it yourself.

We love having you along with us on this journey! We couldn’t do it without you.