Order a Team Bennett t-shirt!

Many of you know that I’ve been training for the St. Jude Half Marathon that’s coming up on December 6. (I use the word “training” very loosely. Somehow I need to eek out 9 miles tomorrow…oh my!). There are also 15 other people running on Team Bennett with me and many others coming to Memphis on race day to support us. It will be an emotional day for me but I can’t wait!

We had some Team Bennett t-shirts made for those attending the race in Memphis, but I wanted to see if anyone else wanted one too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were tons of us wearing our blue shirts on December 6?! What a great way to remember our little Bennett. 

I just love this picture of Bennett. It’s like he’s cheering us on!! And this is the verse that God used deeply in our lives while fighting cancer.


Click HERE to order your Team Bennett t-shirt! (Orders will only be taken until next Friday, November 14. After that, the link will no longer work. $8.50 is the cost of the shirt only…none of it goes to support St. Jude.)

If you want to make a donation to St. Jude, I would love that too! In fact, my goal for this race is to raise $5,749…that is the cost of one inpatient day at St. Jude. Bennett was inpatient for 26 days and we never got one bill!

So far, I have raised$4,545!! Thank you to those that have already given!

Click HERE if you’d like to help reach that goal with me and serve other St. Jude patients.

And if you can only do one…buy a shirt or donate to St. Jude…please donate to St. Jude. They are leading the world in saving children with cancer! And they are the place that changed us forever.

Now, off to running I go!! This little guy is my motivation…

Go Team Bennett!

Go Team Bennett!