missions :: praying for my kids

In less than two days my husband is heading to Haiti on a mission trip with our church. So he is in full preparation mode…went to Walmart and got all of the goodies you need in a town with no running water. He showed me the wipes he bought and said, “Here’s my shower for a few days!”. Oh my! It is often a sacrifice to go to a place so different then our own especially because we are stripped of our American ways and conveniences. I have even had the privilege of going on a mission trip to a remote town in Peru and also a life-changing experiencing of serving in Russia for almost a year. It’s amazing how our ears can hear God so much more clearly when all of the noise of our crazy lives is removed and we are serving people other than ourselves. In the Bible study Nehemiah, the author sums it up perfectly…

The people you minister to will never be the same, and nor will you because the poor often give back with a faith the rest of us tend to be severely impoverished in. We give what they don’t have, and they give what we don’t have, and oftentimes we walk away with the far greater bounty.

If you’ve never taken a mission trip, I encourage you to pray about taking one. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOU. And for the good! But you don’t even have to go crazy far away. There are people right here in our own cities that need us. That need you. That need Jesus.

Today’s virtue to pray: HEART FOR MISSIONS

Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. (Psalm 96:3)

The best way my young kids will learn the importance of missions is to show them what it means first hand. Now I’m not going to take them to a village in the middle of nowhere with no running water at their ages (hopefully one day as a family!). So for now I need to teach them here at home in our city. I remember a pastor’s wife years ago shared with me how she took her kids on a “mission trip” around the city every time her husband went on one out of the country. She got out a map of where their daddy would be serving and she would have a map of their own city where they would be serving. Then every day she had a little activity of service that she involved the kids in. Now that is amazing!! And honestly, we don’t have to wait for the husband to leave to do this. What if we did it as a family for one week or even just one day?! These are the things our kids will remember as they get older.

So when my hubby is serving in Haiti this week, we will be finding a few ways to serve others too! I will also make it a point to involve my kids in praying for their daddy daily. I truly pray my kids learn to love others, serve others and share Christ with others too!

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