Meet my new friend

I cannot resist telling you about this AWESOME girl that I met today. Her name is Ciera. She is 21 and has been battling cancer for years now.

Don’t you just want to grab her and hug all over her?

So a few days ago Ben got a sweet voicemail from Ciera saying that she heard about Bennett from a friend of a friend and wanted to give us a little gift. Isn’t that great…friends of friends are telling their friends about my little man?!

Well today I was able to meet Ciera. She and her mom came to the Grizzlies House and met me in the lobby (she can’t meet Bennett yet because he’s still in isolation, but hopefully soon!). Let me just tell you, even from behind her mask (she took it off for the picture but has to keep it on otherwise) she just glowed. She glowed hope. She glowed joy. She glowed love.

And she is a fighter. I asked what her story was and was blown away after the first few sentences that came out of her mouth.

At 16, Ciera was experiencing leg pain and the doctors thought it was shin splints. Well after months of tests and such, it ended up being cancer. The long name is Bcell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. But by the time they diagnosed it, it had already spread. And spread to many places in that sweet body of hers. They worked hard to kill that cancer. At some point she had open heart surgery and a full hip replacement. But she was finally in remission. Then this last April she came back to St. Jude for her year check up and discovered it all came back. All of it. So here she thought she was coming for a quick trip but has now been here almost a year (she’s only been home 2 days in that whole time). Well, this time they chose to do a bone marrow transplant and by the grace of God, her brother was an exact match to her. And now she is on day 83 after the transplant. She hopefully gets to go home on day 101…and she is counting down those days:)

So she’s going through all of this, hear’s about my little Bennett and calls us up to love on us…complete strangers to her. Well that she did! She came with a gift card to Barnes & Nobles and one to Chick-Fil-A because she understands what it’s like to be in isolation for weeks on end. And she and her mom gave me some great tips for around here too!

Oh, Ciera, you have blessed me. You have shown me what it means to love. You love so well. I can’t wait for Bennett to be loved by you too! And I pray I can find ways to bless others like you do.

So friends, let’s pray for Ciera tonight. Let’s pray she gets home on day 101. Let’s pray she is healed from head to toe. Let’s pray her love continues to spread.

Lord, thank you for teaching us love. Thank you for Ciera, my new friend.


  1. I will pray for Cierra. She is a sweet child and on day 102 she will take the mask off and kiss baby Bennett!!! God is so good!! Now we know what kind of cards to send, lol!!! <3

  2. Praying for that beautiful Ciera!! Megan what a great God we serve. Small glimpses of What Heaven will be like when we will all truly love each other with no limits or boundaries. So profound! Thanks for sharing as always. I look forward to these so much

  3. Hi!! Megan, we have been praying for Bennett and we praise
    God for your whole family. wanted to let you know we are the
    parents of Sherry Gerry, this is how we knew about Bennett.
    How is his flu and RSV is it better? I wrote a book should be out
    next month, Titled The Signs of God “ARE EVERYWHERE” can you e-mail me on how to set up a blog and does it cost? Thanks Connie We are praying for your whole family.

  4. Hi Ciera. God Bless you honey! May God bring complete healing to your body and completely restore your health. Praying Day 101 will be your day of freedom.

  5. Prayed Ciera will go home on day 101 and be able to claim God’s healing from head to toe! Also prayed she will be able to continue her service and be blessed. Prayed for you and Bennet, too.

  6. Ciera my prayers and love go out to you. I’m counting down to day 101 hoping that you can go home! May you be as blessed as you bless others.

  7. Praying for you precious Ciera, thank you for being a reflection of God’s love, may day 101 bring you the sunshine you give others…

  8. What a beautiful post, Megan. And what a beautiful child of GOD Miss Ciera is! Praying too for Day 101!

    Our GOD IS a truly awesome GOD!


  9. Praying for Ciera, that day 101 be her day of victory! Such a blessing that this precious young woman has reminded us all that God is our provider, our hope, our strength, our comforter, and our healer. What an amazing testimony of God’s great love and how he knows exactly how to meet our deepest needs.

  10. The most beautiful story will pray for Ciera and her 101. Praying for Bennett everyday and night. Will be getting you guys a little something to you soon. Take care of you. Church was full of love yesterday what I blessing for that house of God.

  11. Thanks for sharing Ciera’s story (and all of your posts). Transplant recipient or not, she has a good heart- one that cares others and their struggles. Praying for her, for Bennett, and for all of you. Love y’all.

  12. What a beautiful story of how even in the crummiest of circumstances God is providing you ways to witness and love on others as well as little angels like Ciera to love on you! Thank you for sharing! I just KNEW you were going to have lots like this and couldn’t wait to hear them! 🙂 praying for you all and Ciera’s 101!

  13. God obviously sent Ciera to you for a reason. Know that we all continue to pray for Bennett and your entire family. We will now add Ciera to the list and thank God for His many blessings as He continues to embrace you in this journey.

  14. Wow Meg! I’m really happy Ciera found you and she was able to share her story and the fact both Ciera and her mom were able to give you some guidance. That in itself, was a wonderful gift from God! I’m very proud of Meg! I will be adding Ciera in my prayers for day 101!

  15. Wow!! What a wonderful story!! It’s amazing to watch the Lord work around us and bring people into our lives at the moment we need, and at the moment that’s RIGHT, at HIS WILL – AND HIS WILL IS ALWAYS PERFECT!! Ciera, we are praying for you too and this just proves that God has work for you, yet!! Meghan – we have you all in our Prayers and we’re keeping up with all that’s going on with Sweet Bennett!! Keep Hope, we’re all here surrounding you in love, mercy, peace and prayer!!

  16. What a precious young woman, and what a Big Generous God for placing you in each other’s life! Praying Day 101 for Ciera, and tumor shrinkage for our little Bennett! Hope he is becoming at least a bit resigned to all those meds you are required to give him!

  17. Praying for Ciera! I’m so glad that you two were able to meet each other. The connections you make during this time can become so valuable. My brother is in remission from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia & he received treatment at St. Jude when he was 16 as well. It has been almost 8 yrs now & he is still very close to a lot of the families that he met during that time. I will be praying for her homecoming after day 101 & also for you guys to get out of isolation.

  18. Hi Megan. While we have not met, my husband and I are praying for your family (and now Ciera too0. We are inspired in our faith through your blog entries so much so that we share them with friends. Jesus is the answer, but we all need to be reminded sometimes. So thankful to Kelly Feehan for sharing your story. Looking forward to so many miracles to come. xo

  19. What a blessing that God has provided for both families. Through God anything is possible. Prayers of healing to Ciera and Bennett and to all that are battling this fight.
    Matt 7:7

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