Keep Praying…no pathology report today.

If you want all the details you can read the whole post. But for those that want a quick update here is what’s going on and what we need prayer for.

  • The pathologist does not think Bennett has Hepatoblastoma so they are going to run every test they can on the biopsy sample to determine what it is. The earliest we will know if it is malignant or benign and what exact treatment is needed will be Friday. Pray they are able to get a definitive diagnosis and that we stay patient as we wait.
  • Bennett seemed to be recovering well from the biopsy yesterday and rested a lot. But for some reason, he has taken a couple steps back.  He would not sleep last night…at all…even with both Morphine and Benadryl.  He also has a cough again and still tested positive for RSV. He is exhausted and as of writing this has not slept since his nap yesterday afternoon. Megan did not sleep last night either.  Pray for her as she is very worried about her baby. Pray for the RSV to go away and for Bennett to sleep.  The best thing to help him recover is sleep.

The longer story on the pathology report…

Our oncologist explained that when the pathologist looked at the biopsy sample under a microscope, he did not see something that looked like Hepatoblastoma. That’s not a confirmed diagnosis…it’s just that his trained eye was surprised at what he saw/didn’t see. So both our oncologist and pathologist agreed to to run every test they can all at once to figure this out…and that will take until Friday.What this means is there are lots of other forms of malignant tumors back on the table and most of them respond well to chemotherapy. So the good news is that they don’t think we are dealing with an aggressive tumor that is difficult to treat with chemotherapy. Our oncologist said these other types are extremely rare and that she is glad we are here…where they know how to treat them. We are too!

So…we wait for Friday (maybe?) to find out if it is malignant and if so, what form it is. Please pray for Bennett to recover from the biopsy between now and then and continue to pray that God will surprise all the doctors and let it be benign! After all…more time to wait means more time to pray!


  1. Trusting God that this is all “good” news….will pray for sleep time for Bennett and Megan. Please call Maddie if you guys need a break! I know it’s tricky having outsiders in, but i know she would try if it is possible with Drs. and her schedule:) Love you all!

  2. You guys have been on my mind all morning. But I’m at peace in my prayers because of the message God sent when Bennett popped into my head. When my mom was diagnosed with Colon C-word (I never say that nasty word) it took almost two weeks to get the pathology report. It was agonizing to say the least. Then one say I just proclaimed, “God is bigger than a pathology report”. And it gave me so much peace! It’s true. No matter what the report says God is bigger than that. And I proclaim the same for your family! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Ugh I should have re-read my post before sending. *one day, not say. When praying for Bennett this morning God reminded me of that, it was over 2 years ago…

  3. Thank you do much for update. Will pray for HIS loving arms of peace and comfort so you all can sleep in HIS healing hands…


  4. Continuing to pray each and every day for all of you. Ever loving God place you calm and loving arms around Ben, Megan and Bennett. Allow them to slip into slumber and obtain the rest they need to move forward. We know that you are a loving and gracious God, in Jesus’ awesome name we pray!

  5. Thanks for the updates…I know sometimes even these are tough to write… but we are encouraged and hopefully can encourage you both. Praying always!

  6. Praising God for wonderful news. I have been standing on faith for positive news as you said it can be cured or not malignant! Will pray more for sleep, comfort and strength!! Praying in Jesus’ wonderful healing name, Amen!!!

  7. Unceasingly praying for Bennett daily, lifting him to Jesus during our gatherings with believers, too. May the might of the prayer by faith of many on behalf of the sweet boy be seen!

  8. “Isn’t it good to know when all roads are dead ends and all skies are overcast and all dreams are nightmares and all hills are mountains…Isn’t it good to know when all faith has oozed out ad there is no place to stand that ‘underneath are the everlasting arms.'” from Say Amen! by W. Maurice King

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