it's craft time :: being thankful

If you have spent any time around my 5 year old son, you know he is kind of a craft fanatic. The kid loves arts and crafts! And the funny thing is that his creations end up becoming part of the family…literally. He names them, gives them a blanket and pillow on his floor at night and has even strapped a few into the spare seat of the car. Earlier this week, Gobble the turkey was the newest member but he quickly got booted out tonight by the Red Power Ranger that we made.

So needless to say, since I have a crafty one on my hands, we have been doing lots of thanksgiving crafts too! Last week we made turkey masks. He insisted that we each be a turkey on Thanksgiving and the baby could be the Indian. So funny.

We also made a few things for some other people to share we are thankful for them…

Here are some cards we made for the grandparents that will go in the mail tomorrow. I love how they turned out! I just traced all of the kids’ hands and we made them into turkeys. Then the card says, “Hands down you’re the best [name here] around! Love, Your 3 little turkeys!”. I know they will love getting these in the mail.

We also did a little gift for our teachers to give them on Friday at their Thanksgiving Feast. I found some rocks on the side of the road, the kids painted them and then we wrote on them, “YOU ROCK! I’m thankful for you.” This was a big hit with the kids.

I love when my kids get excited to do something for someone else. And this is the season to be thankful for the people God has put in our lives.

So how are your kids telling others that they are thankful for them?!