It's a new day

If you read yesterday’s post, you know the last few days were full of emotions. I went to bed feeling beat down by life. But thankfully today was a new day and surprisingly, my attitude was completely different. I’m guessing I have some of you out there to thank because I can tell I’m being prayed over.

So today we just rested and it felt so good. Bennett has been fever free all day…woohoo! He has a little pep in his step and we are continuing to pray for quick healing over this RSV junk.

Another great highlight of the day…we picked up a rental car this afternoon and actually left the St Jude campus for some dinner. Ain’t she a beauty?

And here are the boys taking a quick nap as we hunted for the nearest Target…

But I tell you what, we have been BLOWN AWAY by the kindness of others. That wonderful rental car was paid for by three friends I went to high school with.

And this devotional that is giving me hope daily, is from another sweet friend.

And this stroller is being sent to us from Amazon by my bestest friend because she knew we just needed one.

People hanging my baby’s picture up on their walls so they remember to pray.

And how about making a sign too and texting it to me the day we headed here.

And the list goes on and on. People wanting to drive here just to see us, people calling that we don’t know just to pray for us, coffee gift cards to make sure we are juiced up for the day, encouraging books to read, a blanket made for my baby, lavender smelling soap so the shower is even more relaxing, plane tickets for my kids to fly here soon (I miss them like crazy!), bible verses being text to my phone daily.

Yes, I’m bragging on how awesome my friends are. I seriously can’t contain my gratitude. And to think last week before we knew all of this, I had a thought of “I’m feeling lonely.” Well not anymore!

So tonight I go to bed encouraged and reminded that my God helps me when I need it. And He has used you to do that! Please please don’t stop loving on us. It can truly make a bad day end a little better.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)


  1. Megan I was in your small group at EBBC women’s conference 2012 at Tall Timbers. You were pregnant for Bennett then and Ben had just started at the Bayou. Just wanted you to know that I will be praying for Bennett each day and for the rest of your family!

  2. I am so so happy that y’all had a good day! You and your family are so loved, Megan! Praying that RSV takes a hike and the Dr will have GOOD news on Monday.

  3. Praying over you all tonight. Still sad we didn’t get to drop in and love on yAll for a minute! Glad no…. Bc Luke and J not so well tonight…. But very sad for my own selfish wants to love on y’all when your states away from people you know and love! I get that! 🙁 ….So glad you got your car and a moment of freedom…. Helps so much! Thanks for keeping us all so involved with Bennett and your paths! Love y’all! Praying for EACH and everyone in your family! PS …. How far us glorious “”””TARGET?!?? “””” aghhhhhhhhh! 😉

  4. Megan, I just wanted to let you know Bennett is always on my mind. I am praying for him constantly and I will miss him at church this morning :)) he’s my little buddy. I am glad yall had a good day and I pray for a lot more of those in the future. Love you all

  5. Ben and Megan,
    We have been traveling the last couple weeks and heard about Bennett while on the road. Wanted you to know that word has passed through all our family and friends in Oregon, Wyoming and California wo have passed it on to all of their friends and family! So the East coast and great Northwest is praying fervently for all of you!! Love and Blessings!
    The Storeys

  6. Hi Guys!!!!!! Just wanted to say hi! Glad to hear y’all have gotten settled. Praying Bennett kicks the RSV quickly and is ready to meet the doctor on Monday!!!!! Thanks so much for the updates here on your blog! We are praying continuously for y’all !!!!! Hoping you have a restful relaxing Sunday!!!!!!

  7. Just a note to say we have shared your story and are praying for you all. God please watch over this precious family and give them everything they need at this time. Bless you all.

  8. Gary & I are in ferverant prayer for little Bennett & all of you. I’ve had the flu so I stayed away physically, but kept you all close in thoughts & prayers. I can’t even begin to imagine what you all have had to endure in just a few days time. I’m happy to hear that you all are feeling the blanket of prayers that are covering you now & will continue to do so. If there’s anything in particular that you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Much love & prayers, #Pray4BabyBennett

  9. You have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. We love you so much and will be keeping up with your progress through your blog. Love and Prayers, Jeff and Gaye Beisel

  10. Hi, Coleman family—
    I missed seeing all your beautiful faces this morning at The Bayou nursery check-in… You continue to be in my thoughts and my prayers.

    Love and kisses to you all, k

  11. Been attending at the Bayou for a whole now. I’ve not been free enough to get to know you or many others in church, but I want you to know that I am praying for Bennett and for you and Ben. He won’t bring us to it if He won’t bring us through it. My heart is singing praise for Bennett’s healing.

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