I wish I had good news…

Oh friends. I wish this was a post where I could tell you how the scan showed us lots to smile about. How God decided to deliver Bennett from cancer now. But that’s not the case for today (although we are still believing it will happen one day soon).

Instead the scan showed us how the few spots on his lungs turned into more spots than they could even count.

More. Than. They. Could. Even. Count.

This means that the cancer is spreading and growing at a rapid rate in his lungs even though he’s been on chemo every week. It truly gives new meaning to an “aggressive tumor.”

Thankfully the tumor on the liver has stayed the same from the last scan. We will take any little bit of victory that comes our way.

So even though the news continues to be heartbreaking, the Lord provides us comfort. He is speaking to us in the pain.

Just last night I was reading in my devotional and came across a few verses in Psalm 112…

They will have no fear of bad news;
their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear;
in the end they will look in triumph on their foes.

You can imagine that the moment I read that, I heard God tell me that there was bad news coming. So it was no surprise to us what we heard from the doctor today. And we are grateful to have a loving God that prepared our hearts for such news.

Yes, we have disappointment. We have sadness. But we have no fear. We continue to trust where God has us.

And we are praying the same for you. That you will not be in fear for Bennett. He is our little blessed one (that’s what his name means).

But I’m sure you’re wondering…Now what? Well, chemo is not working so something needs to change. We talked with the doctor about our options. Unfortunately, there are not many and all of them have pros and cons. I’m not going to go into the details now, but we will share it with you once we decide.

So please pray for God to give us wisdom in this decision. Pray for God to speed up Bennett’s healing, and show His strength to the thousands watching this little man.

Ben shared with me a song that God has had on his heart a lot recently. I’m sure a lot of you have heard it, but here it is…

We are holding on to Jesus in this storm. He is The Great “I Am”. He is the one who created Bennett. He is the one who has a plan for him. And in the end we will stand and look in triumph!


    1. The Peyton’s, Chuck, Melissa, and Colby are all praying for Bennett and the rest of the family!!
      Much Love to all of you!

  1. Continued prayers for Bennett. So glad you were prepared for that news and that you have such spirit and determination. Bennett is incredible – we are all praying so hard for you all. Much love from Texas.

  2. I must admit I shed some tears for you guys and for Bennett when I heard the scan results. And then I remembered that God works miracles all the time and I have been praying all along that He will work one for Bennett, in spite of tests, doctors, etc. Still believing, still praying, still loving our ever faithful God…..

  3. We are continuing to pray for your precious Bennett and all of you. God’s mercies are new every morning and we will continue to pray without ceasing.

  4. Oh Megan. My heart aches for you. We will forge on & pray & pray & pray with you. I have seen first hand the great “I AM’s” miracles. Just know that the Britt Family is on our knees, talking to Jesus every day about Bennett!! Sending love, hugs & praying for sweet sleep for the whole Coleman family!


  5. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. He gives us what we need each moment. Prayers for your precious family, from Texas.

  6. My heart breaks for you and Ben. Praying for healing to be done. Love Bennett’s sweet face on his bike, he looks so happy. Such a fighter! Hugs and prayers out to you all!

  7. Precious Coleman Family

    Please feel the warmth of our love, the strength of our support and the steadfastness of our prayers. Our God is awesome, faithful and with you. Thank you for being such a testimony of faith to all.
    Hugs to all~ Lesa

  8. I have read about your Bennett on Lisa B’s posts. I have Bennett and your family on my prayer list and my Bible study prayer list here in Austin. I am a Tennessee girl too…from Knoxville. But I have friends in Memphis that I’m going to ask to pray for you too. Blessings and Prayers!

  9. we are continuing to pray for Bennett for God’s plan for him whatever it may be. And we continue to pray for complete healing for him, and for uplifting, strength, and encouragement for all of you. I am sending you a book, I pray you all will be uplifted and encouraged through it. In Christ’s love.
    Connie L. Parmenter I hope you get it.

  10. I am in tears that you are praying for us not to fear for Bennett. God bless you and your family for looking outside of yourselves and your daily goings on to even think about us. I pray ongoing healing for Bennett’s little body. Thank you Lord for Bennett’s healing! We believe you are our God of miracles!

  11. So many are praying as am I. The words, are true and our hearts are pure. It is in Him we will trust while in this fallen world. Please know I am praying for thou guys strength and comfort through all of this.

  12. Still praying for you guys daily. Praying for healing for Benett. Praying for strength and rest for all of you.

  13. Sending prayers , love and hugs.
    The Coleman family are amazing!!
    God is using Bennett to bring so many people to their knees. Only our great “I AM” can make that happen!!!
    His will for all. Love you all.

  14. Sending Prayers and Hold tight to God’s steadfast promises! Our Daughter Chloe is living Proof Miracles Do Happen! Isaiah 43:2

  15. Megan,

    I am praying and so sad to hear this news, but your strength and courage give me strength and hope for Bennett. Praying for God to heal him and give you wisdom and strength in the decisions you have to make.

  16. Words can not even begin to express how sad I am for you. As I was reading your post I was thinking, “this can’t be happening?!” But I know your strength and I know your amazing faith and I know that miracles do happen. So I will continue to pray and lift you all up. I pray for Bennett’s healing and ask God to continue to watch over you all and give you comfort and rest during these difficult times. Much love from our family to yours.

  17. I go to East Bayou and though I’ve never met you guys I have been following and praying for Bennett and your family…came across this article about a new immune-system based treatment for cancer. Maybe you have heard of it but maybe you haven’t, thought I’d forward it anyhow. Still praying : ) hang tough guys <3

  18. I lift you and your family up in prayer tonight…I pray that God will put his hand on Bennett and heal him from this nasty thing called Cancer. My Jesus continue to give you peace and wisdom to do God’s will

  19. I feel sad, disappointed and lost with the news about the spots spreading. I am hoping and praying for a miracle to come quickly. I pray for healing for your sweet baby and that he stays happy and feels good. I am thankful the tumor hasn’t grown and that God is with you. Praying for wisdom and discernment for you with the decisions to be made. Please Lord, heal this child. Have mercy Lord.

  20. Good morning! There is a victory somewhere and it will find you all! You are on every prayer list imaginable with my friends and we are holding steadfast for God’s divine intervention!

  21. I’m so sorry about this news and am sharing in your pain. I will pray for all your requests and more.
    This is from our Transformed series, Rick Warren:
    The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10 (NIV)
    The secret to strength is joy. It’s not your desire or determination that are your strength. It’s your joy.
    When you have joy, then you are able to find security in the truth that God has a plan, and you have strength for that day.
    Nehemiah tells us it’s the “joy of the lord” that we are choosing. Joy is not a matter of trying to work up good feelings about yourself or the world around you. Sometimes there is little to feel good about there. True joy centers on God. The joy that God gives starts by focusing on who God is. His grace, power, forgiveness and patience. His comfort and love.
    Let the joy that flows from remembering who God is become your strength for what you are facing today.

  22. Continuing to pray for a miracle. Only God can give you the peace you display in your posts.
    I was sad to read of the progression, but know God is able to overcome it all.

  23. Dear Megan and Ben, your news about Bennett’s lungs immediately reminded me of the story of Abraham and Isaac…how Abraham was faithful even to the sacrifice of his own son….and in the final moment God showed his love and mercy and spared his precious Isaac. God is blessing Bennett with an amazing amount of strength through all of this….we all continue to believe that God will step in and work his miracle with our little hero. We continue to pray for Bennett and all of you. Love to all, Linda

  24. You all don’t know me and I don’t know you. What I do know is we both know a great God! He is in the business of miracles and I am lifting your precious little boy up asking that God do something that will point the world to Himself. Something that no doctor can explain, something so miraculous that it can only be explained by a miracle from God himself. I just finished reading The Insanity of God and in it, there were examples of miracle after miracle, happening now, just like they did in the New Testament. Praying those same miracles on Bennett! Keep on looking up to the Creator; Healer; God Almighty!

  25. What I love about that song is it can be from both our perspective and from God’s. You are holding onto God in this storm, but the Great I AM is holding onto you and God is much stronger than we are. Many prayers for your family!

  26. I have been and will continue to pray for all of you. I went to Bible study with Martha in Colleyville years ago. Your family has been heavy on my heart. Kisses to Baby Bennett and prayers for total healing.

  27. Ps 119:50. “This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.” I looked up the word ‘comfort’ and thought about your family. It means soothe, console, reassure, to provide strengthening aid, support, or encouragement. My prayer – May He provide this comfort to you today

  28. Continuing to pray for Bennett & the rest of you as well. Thankfully our God is bigger than scan results & everything else for that matter. Love you guys!

  29. Praying for Bennett & the rest of you as well. Thankfully our God is bigger than scan results & everything else for that matter. Love you guys!

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