I love my church!

I love my church. And I miss it a lot…the people, the laughter, the worship, the staff…all of it!

Church for me isn’t just showing up on Sunday mornings and checking it off my list for the week. (And not just because I’m married to a pastor!) It’s about community. It’s my family away from family. It’s a place where I can be encouraged and challenged in my walk with God. It’s a place where my kids learn about Jesus.

The Lord knew this is the exact place we needed to be as we began this journey with Bennett. The love and support has been overwhelming! Truly humbling.

And the support isn’t just from the adults, but the kids too. I tell you what, The Bayou Church is pouring into these students truth and teaching them how to serve others.

About a month ago I received a letter from a fifth grader at our church. Here’s what it said…

Dear Coleman Family,

My name is Audrey and I go to The Bayou Church. Last year at K-Wow, I received $50 to invest over one year. I was taught to use my time and talents wisely, like in the Parable of the Talents. So I ended up having 4 lemonade stands and 1 bake sale, and I now have $252.02.

Since I have heard about baby Bennett, I decided to give my money to you. We have been praying for Bennett at home, and at my 5th grade class at First Baptist Christian School. I really hope Bennett will heal soon.

Yes, I cried when I read this sweet handwritten note from a 5th grader at my church that I’ve never met. And here is the money she sent…

I think I’m going to frame those two sweet pennies. She literally gave every bit to Bennett.

And another student at our church got the same money at summer camp and also wanted to bless Bennett. So he made hundreds of bracelets and asked people to wear them as a reminder to pray for him. And he gave us all the money he collected.

Thank you Audrey and Tavis for serving us. May the Lord bless you both 100 fold!

Let’s pray for more of these students as they are currently signing up for summer camps. I pray that God would continue to teach them how to love others. This world would change a lot if the next generation chooses love over hate and serving over selfishness.

Can you see why I love my church so much?! I like how Ben explains it too. He says the best thing ANY church has to offer are not the sermons…it’s the people. A sermon won’t tailgate with you, pray with you when you loose your job or celebrate with you at birthday parties. But the people will. And the people of God will also reinforce what you hear on Sundays and encourage you as you try to put it all into practice.

What about you? Is church a place you just sneak into every Sunday morning or is it a place where you get connected? Being connected is how you find community. It’s where you find support when you go through the good and the bad. And church really isn’t just the building you walk into. We have seen the WHOLE church…the Body of Christ in all parts of the world loving on us.

There is nothing sweeter. And I pray you experience it too!

If you live in the Lafayette area, you can check out the upcoming camps at The Bayou Church by clicking HERE.

Bennett update: His bilirubin is down to 1.3 today…woohoo! Bennett had chemo inpatient on Monday and was a champ as always. In fact, he sleeps better at the hospital at night then he does at home. So now we are determined to figure out how to get him to sleep at night here…we are desperate for a full nights sleep! So be praying for that. Also, he has had some nasty diarrhea which has kept him from gaining weight…but he hasn’t lost any either so that is good. His appetite is definitely up! So pray that his tummy feels better so we can add those 5 More Pounds soon. Overall, he is laughing like crazy at his brother and sister:)


  1. What a beautiful story and loving kids. Prayers for baby Bennett and your family. What blessings we learn from children.

    1. It so warms my heart to know that your family is altogether and having times of laughter!
      What better medicine is there? I pray for your family everyday and feel as if I know you even though we have never met, Megan. I wish that I could have been as strong as you have been with your family spiritually. Keep those eyes on Jesus from which cometh our strength. You have blessed me in many ways and I hope we will meet when you come home and Bennett is well.

  2. So sweet of the children to understand what it is to give. Still praying for you guys daily and multiple times a day. Bless you guys!

  3. The Bayou Church has been a blessing to my family in so many ways. 21 years ago St. Jude’s was also a blessing to my family. God is blessing so many people through Bennett. You are in my prayers.

  4. The Bayou is such a special place!!! So so so happy to hear that he is laughing it up With big bro and sis! And so thankful for the answered prayer that they all get to be together!

  5. Praise God for His divine plan to bring all believers into Christ’s Church. As you said we are the church, not the building, committees, kind of music, what we wear or where we Worship that matter. I am so encouraged that God’s True Word is being planted in the lives of future generations. Prayers and love to you sweet, dear ones.

  6. I was FINE reading this until you said you were going to frame the two pennies bc she truly gave all she had. And then LOST it!! So generous. Nothing sweeter than a child that is gracious. Thank you for sharing what they did for y’all. Wonderful!!!!!

  7. And a little child shall lead them…

    Beautiful story. The letter and the pennies need to be framed!!!

    Love to you all!

  8. Megan, After reading your message I was praying for Bennett’s immune system and weight gain, I saw in the spirit many soldiers with swords up high by their sides marching up and down in one place preparing for war! They are the spiritual army preparing to go forth to fight, soon and very soon! I prayed y’all would be home for the summer, proclaiming his miracle!! Oh what a glorious day it will be!!
    God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

  9. Meg, this is amazing how The Lord is changing lives through your church. I pray ours and all the congregations ( including me & my family) will always choose selflessness rather than selfishness.

  10. That is Awesome! Having children be so caring and get that involved is a special blessing! Watch to see that they grow up to be of the same heart, loving each other and loving God!

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