i can't control it all :: getting up early

Last night was a doozie! Since I had warned everyone else that the #1 reason people fail to get up early is that they fail to go to bed early, I knew I couldn’t fall into the trap. So last night I was in bed at 9:30pm…not bad considering I have been pulling some midnight bedtimes in the last week. But then I just laid there for what seemed like a really looooooong time. At some point I fell asleep but woke up suddenly around 11pm to an empty bed. You have to understand, it is very rare for the hubby and I to go to bed at different times but he had a little extra work to do (and remember, I HAD TO GO TO BED EARLY!). I think I was in a state of confusion at this point. In the hubby’s words, “When you came into the room, you were quite ANGRY.” And then I got mad and blamed my lack of sleep on him. Sorry honey…maybe I was sleep walking?! Honestly, the night went down hill from there. Some random noise outside kept me up and then the baby screamed out at 3am…the kind of scream you don’t ignore. So needless to say, 5:30am this morning was rough. I stayed in bed a little longer (ok, I hit snooze a few times) and finally read my Bible at 6am. But let’s face it, if it were easy to get up early, you and I would already be doing it all the time! And there are just going to be circumstances that we can’t control. Let’s offer ourselves a little grace at those times and focus on the next morning to rise and shine early!

Lesson #1: Go to bed early.

Lesson #2: I can’t control the nights (especially with babies!).

Lesson #3: Maybe I should get this alarm clock to help me NOT hit the snooze button…