There is a special sorority of women in this world that deserves to be saluted today. No one wants to be in this group yet those of us that observe them know they deserve our pause to thank God that he has given them to us. They are the mothers who have lost the ability to embrace their children after they have returned home to Heaven. These women are in the upper echelon of motherhood because they have mothered their children through suffering. They provided comfort to their children when they themselves needed it too. Many times they needed it more.  Most of them should be awarded honorary nursing degrees, counseling degrees, nutritional degrees and early childhood education degrees.

What struck me today is that Mother’s Day for these women is like our Memorial Day. It’s a day that celebrates the strength, commitment, love and faith that sustained them through tragedy. For those that are brand new to this sorority, there is no celebration…yet. But those that are years removed from the suffering, having experienced God’s healing, are there to join the rest of us to tell these new members how proud we are to know them…how much we have learned from them…and how much we pray they finally receive back the comfort they poured out during the storm.

My wife has always been my Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman, but in the last four months, Megan lived out verses 25-26 for you all to see…and I could not be more proud.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”  — Proverbs 31:25-26

Thank you, Megan for the strength and dignity you possess as you continue to choose joy. Thank you for the wisdom you faithfully share to the benefit of mothers everywhere. Rest is coming, God is good and we thank God for you today. Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. We are still praying and thanking God for sustaining you and comforting you through this time. Our love and hugs.

  2. Happy Mothers’ Day to you, Megan! Over the past months, you truly have been the epitome of a Godly mother. And for that, I will always be grateful. Much love and kisses to you all.


  3. Ben & Megan both of you have been an inspiration to so many of us. You have joined a group that no parent wants to be a member of. I’m 14 years out from losing my daughter. Yes, I still grieve but I can now see the blessings God provided for us & I have the joy of knowing that I will be reunited with Sommer one day. Trust that you will smile again, laugh again, & see Bennett again. Praying for comfort & healing for your family.

  4. Well said, Ben. Well said. Yes, Megan and Kathy and countless others allow us to draw from their strength and grace and allow us to walk that road with them.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Megan, and God bless Ben as he rejoices in you as his wife and the mother of his children. What an amazing blessing. My love to you all!

  6. Ben, you have GOT to write a book. Your gift of writing so eloquently must be for others to share…right? I pray so. I am always encouraged, enlightened and strengthened by your words and thoughts. This Mama thanks you, humbly. I shared your beautiful post with the many mothers I know well who are part of Megan’s sorority. God bless them all.

  7. Your family is truly amazing. I pray God continues to protect your marriage. While I know this is not how you planned to serve Him, your strength and trust in The Lord is inspiring. We will continue to pray for comfort and peace for your family.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day, Megan! Ben, this is so beautifully written. Danny and I became members of the group of grieving parents almost eight years ago. The moments we had with our baby, Alyssa Faith, were so precious and we are so grateful to God to have had them. We still feel the ache from not having her here, but knowing she is in her forever home and that we will be with her again gives us such peace. We are praying for your continued strength and peace for your family.

  9. I am a 9 year member of “the club” and I appreciate your words. Those members that came before me helped to carry me through those first agonizing years–even without ever meeting many of them. As seasoned members, we will carry Megan (and you) through your most difficult times–even without meeting you. Rest IS coming. And then you will carry others through.

  10. Megan, Amen to your husband’s words. I know your heart must still have moments when it is breaking, but I also know that you trust the Lord. You showed many of us in Memphis what it means to be a faithful mom, no matter what…thank you, and God bless.

  11. Ben and Megan,
    I SO agree with Kathy’s earlier comment to you about writing a book, or at least using the posts that you have written of these past months and put them into a book…I have copied and saved each one because they have been such an inspiration to me and all I have shared them with. Bennett’s journey to his Father, the trust and joy you displayed in serving God’s
    will is a story worth continuing for others. My thoughts and prayers were with you all yesterday, but especially Megan, on Mother’s Day! Much love and felt blessings as you all heal from your hurt.

  12. I, also, want to say thank you for each and every update which you both shared with us…even during the most difficult times…I looked forward to seeing them, as they allowed us a connection with Bennett. They provided an opportunity to pray, celebrate and grieve with you…even though we have never met. I will still look forward to updates on how God is healing your family, as time and interest permit.

  13. Thank you for continuing to share your faith journey. God is so good and you and your family are proof of that. Prayers continued for you.

  14. I recently started attending Parkridge in Coral Springs and came to know about your struggle. I have checked onto your site from time to time and were so amazed by your strength, perseverance and mostly your faith during the times of greatest trial. It is easy to talk the talk but it is definitely not easy to walk the walk when the walk has been as treacherous as yours has been. I was deeply saddened to hear of Bennett’s passing and have been praying for you and your family with much vigor. I am praying that God would hold you up when you are not able, that you are comforted and loved and that you allow yourself to rest for a while. Your faith through this journey, I know, has been a source of inspiration to many, many people. Thank you for sharing Bennett with all of us. I know he was a blessing to your family but through your grace and generosity you have allowed him to be a blessing to us too. Wishing you much love, peace and strength in the days ahead.

  15. We are praying for y’all. What beautiful words Ben has written! Can’t wait to see your faces at church again soon!! Love y’all!!

  16. Wow, what a testament to the glory of God through the power of the women He created to serve His glory…what phenomenal words you and Megan have always chosen to share with us throughout Bennett’s life journey…each time it takes my breadth away and helps me refocus on the real person to focus on, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I must admit I have been shamed at times for the weakness in my faith, for wanting everything to have turned out as we all prayed for, but then you come back with words that help turn me in the right direction…God bless you and your incredible family of joy…total joy in all that God has gifted you…may we all continue to thank Him for all the joy in our lives…even the bittersweet joy of life. God bless you throughout the summer months. May they be months of joyful healing and love. We sincerely hope to see you, Megan and the kiddos this summer sometime. God bless and keep you.

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