gift bags or wrapping paper?

Remember the days when we didn’t really use gift bags for gifts? And now that’s just about all you see for baby showers, birthday parties and under the tree. Well not this year for me. I’m making a commitment to use only wrapping paper…no gift bags this Christmas!


I know it sounds like a silly thing to do. But I remember the joy of actually unwrapping each gift as a kid…ripping the paper is great! And you just don’t get the same feeling when you pull out some tissue paper from a bag.

Admit it…you like opening gifts with wrapping paper too!

And aren’t those always the gifts that go first at a White Elephant Gift Exchange?! In fact, a few years ago as a white elephant gift for me, my family wrapped a box inside of another wrapped box, inside of another wrapped box, inside of another wrapped box…and so on! I love to unwrap the boxes and I hope my kids will too (although I know they really care about what’s inside the box!).

So the wrapping paper is bought and the tape is in stock. And a few days before Christmas, the hubby and I will get the kids to bed, put on the movie Elf and wrap gifts together (it’s like the calm before the chaos of Christmas morning). I can’t wait!

If you need some wrapping ideas, here are some cute ones…


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And here are some cute printable Christmas gift tags from Shanty-2-Chic (click HERE to get tags)…

So what about you…do you prefer gift bags or wrapping paper?


  1. Once I had a toddler who could open presents and enjoyed the paper presents the most, I stopped using gift bags. Now I only use them on the really oddly shaped gifts that I don’t want to figure out how to wrapp or no box to put it in first. I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old, so opening presents is going to be fun this year!

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