the first day :: getting up early

Yay! I got up early today and I’m so excited for this adventure for 30 Days. Did you know I’m not the only one doing this 30 day challenge? And let me tell you, that thought alone helped me get out of bed this morning at 5:30am (on vacation!). For those that have signed up to join me, I asked them why they wanted to get up early and here’s what a few of them said…

I am most looking forward to having time to just get prepared for the day. It’s hard to take care of house things when you are a working mama. –Meg

I want to have more patience with my children in the morning and not always rushing them…and time to sit and hear from God and what he wants my day to look like. –Danielle

I love it! There is something that motivates each of us. Here are my reasons for the early mornings…

  • I want to be more of a blessing to those around me. Whenever I get up just a little bit before the kids, my morning goes so much better. What if I had that every morning?
  • I have read before that there is power in a focused life. Maybe, just maybe, I will be more in focus early in the morning before the chaos of the day begins. I could use some power too!
  • I want to take back 1.5 hours a day of productivity. Let’s be honest, even if I stayed up 1.5 hours later at night, I’d probably just watch TV or check Facebook. But by having that time in the morning, imagine the possibilities.
  • Most importantly for me, I want to find a quiet hour to spend in God’s Word. My coffee cup in hand (hot from the pot, not from reheating it in the microwave ten times!), the kids still in bed, the sun rising and my Bible…sweet times to come.

So how did my first morning go with getting up early? The alarm went off and I sat there for a minute reminding myself why I’ve committed to get up early. Then I pulled the covers back and went downstairs to make my coffee. Since we are on vacation right now and staying with my parents, I got back in bed to read (they keep the house super cold so I needed the covers!). I know I can’t get in that habit at home…the bed would be calling my name to get back in and fall asleep. But for now, I’m adapting to where I am and things will look a little different when I’m home in a few days.

All in all, a great morning. Praying tomorrow is even better! (It won’t be if I don’t go to bed now…ha!)