getting ready for gifts

I don’t know about you but when Christmas comes around, the toys overtake this place. Well, not this year! I am preparing the way for the gifts (and for the birth of Jesus too, of course!). So today while the kids were at school, I went to work on purging toys that we already have.

The first task was the big basket in the family room that was puking toys. It’s the place where all of the toys go that don’t get put back in the kids rooms. In theory, the basket is a great idea because it keeps the house picked up, but the future plan will be to empty it more often:)

Next, was the kids’ rooms. I went through every toy and made a few different piles…

  • Keep it
  • Trash it
  • Give it away
  • Store it for another time (keep it out of sight for awhile and then pull it back out months later…its amazing how they will start playing with it again!)
  • Return it to another kid’s room

After a few hours, my kids had organized and NOT overflowing baskets. Now we are ready for Christmas gifts!

But I have to admit that when Christmas comes around, I start to see everything my kids would enjoy (marketing really works!). Last year I had great intentions of doing the Four Gift Rule. If you like Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen it…

My good intentions failed when I went to the store without a budget and without a SPECIFIC list. Not this year! The plan is set. But it’s amazing how it taught me that the kids may ask and ask and ASK for things, but it’s really the parents who decide what’s under the tree.

But why are we even limiting the gift giving? Well, the hubby and I don’t feel the need to load up on gifts. Our kids have so much and we want to constantly be teaching them that a good Christmas isn’t defined by how many gifts are under the tree. So here is how the gift giving will look this year for us…

  • We will give each child 4 gifts (want, need, wear, read)
  • We will give one family gift that everyone can enjoy (this may be an activity, a game, a place to go…)
  • We will start to have the kids “shop” for each other and get a little gift this year
  • Hubby and I will exchange something too (more to come on this in another post!)
  • The stockings will have some little goodies and then a little gift from Santa (more on this soon too!)

You may think my job is easy with only doing a few gifts each, but think again! My older son has a love language of GIFTS, which means he LOVES to receive them. So it’s not just going out to the store and grabbing a few things. We think about them. We pray about them. And then we look for deals:) But that’s the best part…finding the few things that will bring big smiles on the faces of my kids. It doesn’t need to be a lot of things to bring that smile, but a few well thought out gifts will make Christmas morning a great memory for us all!

So do you have a plan for gifts this year? I hope so. And I hope a budget too! Don’t break the bank and go into debt for Christmas. In fact, try paying cash for it all. It will make for a great and stress-free Christmas for you too. And a stress-free parent is probably the best Christmas gifts we can give to our kids.