Feeling blessed

I just have to tell you…I have AWESOME friends! My Davis and Reide made it back to Lafayette yesterday with Ben’s parents and they had great things waiting for them.

A clean house…

A stocked pantry and fridge…

A freezer full of meals…

A welcome home sign…

A little something for Davis and Reide…

A little plant for the grandparents…

And a sweet Hannah and her daughter Emma who walked through our house and prayed. This is what Hannah text me…

“Emma misses Bennett! We spent some time praying in his room yesterday and asking God to bring him home healthy and for him to be back in his own bed soon:)”

Emma and Bennett

Emma and Bennett

That just makes my heart sing. But it doesn’t stop there.

Another friend sent me a text this morning saying she heard I might need a little weekender bag to take to the hospital when we are inpatient with Bennett. How did she know?! And she sent me this picture of what was in the mail and headed my way…LOVE IT!

To top it all off, my parents have been here this weekend to love on us! I’m truly giddy at how God has provided for our every need. And you are a part of that!

Did you know that we have over 3,000 people checking in on this blog? Makes me jump for joy that my baby is on the hearts of that many people.

So thanks for making today another victory for us!

And because so many of you have asked how you can continue to help, we updated the “How You Can Help” tab above with a little more detail (or click here to see). But please know that we love your encouragement and prayer more than anything!

Today I am feeling blessed:)


  1. Megan it so amazing that through all this both you and Ben are blessing the lives of others with your testament of TRUE FAITH. We are praying and standing with y’all in prayer. Thank you Jesus that more than 3000 hearts are joined together in spirit and Love lifting up this precious angel to you! Continue to pray that you and Ben can feel the loving arms of our Father carrying and comforting you.

  2. Ben & Megan
    Just to let you folks know that many of us at First Baptist Colleyville lift all of the Coleman’s up in prayer. Ben your mom & dad went through new member class with my wife and me about 20 yrs ago and I have sung in the choir with your dad for several years. We just want you and Megan to know that DAILY we will pray for Gods will in your battle that Bennett is fighting. Hugs and a lot of love to you both.
    Dean Thompson

  3. Megan and Ben, you all are truly blessed with an amazing
    extended family. God works in mysterious ways and through this difficult journey you have blessed so many others with your incredible strength and faith. You all are an inspiration, and precious Bennett is a super hero. I love you all, and I continue to pray that you will all be home together soon. Linda

  4. What a blessing you, Ben and your family have been in the midst of great trial. “Onward Christian Soldiers” came to mind when I read your post. We all are following The LORD OF HEAVEN’S ARMIES and we won’t turn back. Love to you precious ones.

  5. Megan,
    The Blogs that you and Ben are sending are real encouragements to us!
    They not only they not only give us important prayer requests, they give us insights into how God is maturing your faith despite extremely difficult circumstances. May He continue to do so through your friends, the medical staff — all by His grace.
    Our love and prayers are with you.

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