Create More Family Time Now

The old adage that “time is money” could not be more true. And balancing family responsibilities with quality time together creates stress in the hearts of even the best parents. You can free up some time by delegate responsibilities such as cleaning, lawn care and managing your money. But this can get expensive…FAST. At the same time, your children only have one family and they want time together.

So how do our families get the most out of our time together? For starters, we all need to give ourselves a break. Let’s all let go of the “perfect family” fairytale together. This doesn’t exist. It’s ok if our children experience times of boredom or learn to delay fun while responsibilities are taken care of.

At the same time, most of us want to be intentional with our time to deepen family relationships. And being intentional with your time is a lot easier when you have a formula and plan.



We cannot grow closer to people that we are not in frequent proximity to. The great deception of the digital age is we can experience community with others through a digital screen. This is simply not true. We were designed to interact with others and our families should be the primary place to have that need met.

But proximity and frequency are not the only two pieces to this formula. We need intimacy as well. Intimacy is fully knowing and fully loving someone at the same time. When we intentionally use time family time to deepen our family relationships, we create lasting and fond memories for our children. I remember experiencing this with my family growing up. Every summer we went to the beach and my dad and I would walk along the shore early in the mornings. We got to know each other better through those intimate conversations and they are some of my favorite memories. I can’t wait to create them for my kids too.


But none of this will happen for your family by accident. You have to have a strategy for putting this formula in place. You need a plan. This is why I wrote Create More Family Time Now: 4 Effective strategies to prioritize the people who matter most (You can sign-up to receive it FREE down below). This eBook is filled with tips and stories from our family’s attempt to put this formula into practice. It will help you develop a plan to be intentional now and into the future. Here are some of the things you will find inside:

  • 4 effective strategies that will help you create more quality family time
  • Key takeaways at the end of each chapter that summarize the most important next steps to take
  • A worksheet for the family to use in brainstorming new family time activities
  • A Quality Family Time Promise that each family member can sign together

And yes…it’s FREE! Sign-up below to receive our latest posts in your email and we’ll send you a copy as well.

Our family motto is, “We are Colemans…and we share.” It helps us teach generosity to our kids and to be others-focused. It also reminds us that the best life is a life shared with others. So whether you take a couple extra trips to the neighborhood pool or fit in a few more family meals, we this tool helps you enjoy sharing life with your family.

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