even on sick days :: getting up early


I need a productive morning tomorrow! I’ve been laid up for a few days with sinus issues. Yes, I’ve been hitting the snooze button the last few days (remember, grace!), but I’ve still managed to be up somewhat early in the morning. I consider that a major win…only 11 days into getting up and on a sick day I still manage to pull myself out of bed by 6am…amazing! I never would’ve done that before this challenge. So anyway, with the sickness and not quite the early mornings, there have been a few things that have fallen through the cracks at home…like that laundry pile you see in the picture that is laughing at me! It needs to be folded, but at least they’re washed, right?!

It’s truly amazing the productivity that occurs when you are committed to rising early in the morning. So tomorrow is a new day, a new morning, a new time for getting things done…like lots of folding:)