do you have a digital bedtime? :: getting up early

Hopefully by now everyone has figured out that going to bed at a reasonable time is KEY to getting up early. How’s that going for you? For me, I’ve done great some nights and others not so much. On the nights I just watch TV or read Facebook or dream of my next Pinterest craft, then it can get ugly in the morning (ask the hubby!). I’m not giving my mind down time before I hit the pillow…instead I’m just making it work. Just the other night, we turned the TV on to watch a show and before you knew it, we were watching ANOTHER show. Ahhhhh! It’s amazing how easy it is to get sucked in.

My sister-in-law asked me a great question the other day. Do I have a digital bedtime? That’s what I need!

Did you know that the fake light from those screens on our phones, iPads, etc, trick our minds into thinking it’s not time to sleep? Now I see why I can be so tired when I get into bed and then perk up when I just take a minute (um, or 60 minutes) to “check in” digitally before closing my eyes. I’m beginning to believe that those devices are keeping us from falling asleep and sleeping well. Interesting fact I read: Before Thomas Edison created the light bulb in 1879, people slept an average of ten hours a night. I wish!

So I’m setting a digital bedtime with the hopes it will help me to wind down at night, be even more refreshed for my early mornings and as a bonus, give me more quality time with the hubby! So I’m thinking 8:30pm. Just typing that out makes me a little nervous. It seems kinda hard to go unplugged at that time every night. But if I’m that worried about it, then I probably should’ve been doing it sooner.

Now I have two alarms:

Morning alarm at 5:15am which says JUST 30 DAYS

Digital bedtime alarm at 8:30pm which says TIME TO GO UNPLUGGED

Changing my life here, people. And making it better for me and those I love.