busy times :: getting up early

What a busy season for my family! For those of you that don’t know, my husband is a pastor and so ministry is our life, our calling. There are times when this is easy and times when it is extremely straining on the family because we are so busy. And for now, we are in a busy time! Good things happening though…planning a women’s conference at our church, starting a new Bible study in the book of Nehemiah (really excited about this!) and planning two of my kids’ birthdays. I can’t believe my baby turns five tomorrow. I asked him what his favorite part of being four was and his answer,

Finding frogs!

I guess in his memory, he did lots of frog hunting at four years old. His answer for why he was most excited to be five years old,

Finding out what daddy got me for my birthday!

Saying that he loves gifts is an understatement! So to make his day special, we have balloons and streamers waiting for him when he wakes up and a pile of gifts to unwrap.

photo (13)
photo (12)

So in these busy times of life for me and my family, I can’t even begin to explain how getting up early came at a perfect time (and I didn’t even plan it!). In the chaos, I’ve given myself time to slow down and breathe. I’m learning that this is so vital for me.

The next post (or two) will be from a guest blogger, my husband! I asked him if he could share what the Bible says about getting up early…because it’s in there and getting up early can do much for your spiritual life. I’d write it myself, but the pastor husband will be much better (and I’d just be self conscious that I was explaining something wrong and leading you all astray!). So until then, see what you can find in the Bible about getting up early and let’s compare notes tomorrow.

PS…The digital bedtime of 8:30pm has pretty much been IMPOSSIBLE! Closer to 9pm has been a little more reasonable. Definitely a goal to work toward!