Yesterday was the first day of school for many kiddos…including mine. Davis started 2nd grade and Reide started kindergarten. The time is flying by! I definitely saw a lot of tears from parents as we were dropping the kids off. Some were probably tears of joy since summer is officially over. But for most, they were emotional moments because their child started kindergarten for the first time and it’s one less baby at home. It’s a major event for sure! I’ve honestly never been brought to tears over it all. I think because my kids have always been so excited […]


One year ago today we were in the hospital holding our sweet little girl and trying to decide what to name her. But what a perfect name we chose. Our joy in a season of deep pain. Landry Joy. Oh, what a year this has been. For those of you who have made it through the first year with a baby, you know…it’s hard work. Most definitely worth it. But still very hard. We feed them, burp them, change them, bounce them, be peed on by them. We listen to their cry and desperately try to figure out how to […]


I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since we blogged last. And to think, I had hopes of doing this more regularly! But it has been a crazy season with moving to a new city, starting at a new church, adjusting to new schools, making new friends, buying a new house and let’s throw in a kitchen remodel too because the Colemans never do anything easy. I have to share some before and after pics because I’m in love with it all… Here is our kitchen before… And here is some of the construction. When the workers framed out the […]


Earlier this fall, I sat on the patio of a local restaurant and shared a long talk with a friend going through the toughest time of his life. As I listened to his story and empathized with him, I caught what he meant to be a throw-a-way statement, but one I knew opened the door to a very teachable moment. Friend: So, here I am…in the middle of this crazy mess! Me: I’m so sorry you’re walking through this pain. Friend: Thanks…you know…this is not how I planned for it to go! How many times have we all said those exact same […]

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