Bennett has a new hair do!

Of course we were all aware that chemo causes hair to fall out. And I have never been that sentimental about hair in the past…never cried over the babies first cuts or saved any of it.

But there is something entirely different when your little one is losing his hair because of cancer. It’s just sad.

It was beginning to fall out in clumps and I was finding it everywhere…on the end of the paci and bottles, in his diaper, on my clothes, in his crib, everywhere. Instead of dealing with the clumpy look on his head, we buzzed it back today.

Here’s the before:

And here is the after:

I know I’m his mama and all, but I still think he is just so handsome. That smile is just priceless. And I love that he is playing with a medical glove in the picture:)

I think the hardest part is looking at him and being reminded immediately that he is sick. But I know the hair will grow back (and I’m praying his hair is even more red the second time!). And I know his sickness will be healed.

So to end, here are a few things you can be praying for right now:

  • Pray that we get out of isolation THIS WEEK! To clarify, isolation means that we can’t be in any public areas of the hospital for fear Bennett would pass on his sickness to other patients whose immune systems are compromised by chemo too. But the public areas of St. Jude are the ones with all of the toys to play with and people to meet! So that’s why we are begging for our freedom.
  • Pray that when we do get out of isolation, we move directly into the Target housing. We are currently on the waiting list. And pray for those that we will be around there too!
  • Pray that Bennett’s appetite increases and that he would drink more fluids. It is always difficult for him after chemo. I’ve heard that food tastes differently and you just don’t feel good. This is obviously difficult for him to communicate to us so it is a guessing game with each meal.
  • Pray that this round of chemo works and that the tumor is shrinking RIGHT NOW! And pray for wisdom with the doctors that they continue to know the best next step.
  • As his counts begin to decline from this round of chemo, pray that Bennett’s immune system stays strong and that he doesn’t get fevers or catch any viruses. We just need complete protection over his body.
  • Pray that Bennett doesn’t EVER pull out his line that’s in his chest. I have heard horror stories of this and kids just bleed everywhere. If you know me, I really don’t do blood well. So we just need him to keep playing with it gently like he is and never have the urge to pull.
  • Pray for our travels this week. I’m planning on heading back to Lafayette tomorrow (weather permitting) to be with Davis and Reide. Hallelujah! And then Ben will be in Memphis with Bennett for the week. Sadly, Ben and I will kiss at the airport and not see each other for another week…boo!

I will end with a few more pictures of my sweet boy. Thank you for sharing his story with others and for speaking his name in prayer. We are covered!

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings youwill find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. (Psalm 91:4)


These are Bennett’s lines from his chest. Davis named the red one Rudolph and Reide named the white one Olaf like the snowman in Frozen. Love it!



  1. Megan, Bennetts smile is priceless and he warms my heart everytime I think of it! We are still praying for him, thank you for the specifics. We love you all and btw I think the new do is awesome. Nothing could take that babies spirit.

  2. Oh Megan! How you AMAZE me. The spirit of God is so evident in every post! You guys are such a source of strength, hope and faith for so many people through your trial! Little Bennett is touching lives and hearts everywhere! Lifting you all up in prayer daily!

  3. Your little guy is always in my prayers, as well as his mommy and daddy. He is just as adorable as ever with his new ‘do! Hang in there, God’s got this!

  4. Megan I don’t know and your family but after the updates given us, I feel like I do know you…there is not a day that goes by that I don’t pray for Ben and his family. You are a huge inspiration to so many… Thank for teaching us to pray …. God will help that precious little child…. It’s so encouraging to know that the doctors keep you so involved. Please keep updating his recovery because I have my prayer friends to pray along… God bless this handsome smiling boy and his family !!!!

  5. From one red haired “boy mom” to another… I can’t wait to see that even redder hair come back either! You are correct… He’s gorgeous buzzed! Thanks for sharing your specific prayer needs with us. Safe travels! 🙂

  6. Megan, I am Agreeing with all your prayers in Jesus’ name!! I put Bennett on our church prayer list day the day diagnosed! So many praying for him everywhere!! It’s wonderful! I fell in love with Bennett and his red hair when I first saw him at the gumbo cook off for church! So I also hope it comes back more red! He is so adorable! I am Yvette Duck’s mother. Katherine talked about him often! Keep up the strength,,, it’s only a test for the great testimony you’ll share!! Through Christ you can do all things!! I am Anxious to see little Bennett running around and healed at the next gumbo cook off! Praises to God!!

  7. Thank you for the prayer specifics, Megan. God knows them, but it is good for His children to speak them to Him, believing He will answer. Isaiah 65:24
    As for his hair, it makes his bright smile even more noticeable and precious! Always praying for him and for you.

    Numbers 6:24-26

  8. He is awesome and hair cut to cute. We pray for Bennett and you and Ben everyday. I was hoping for a post today. Look forward to meeting you.

  9. We’ve never met, but we are praying for Bennett and your family. We heard of you through friends of Ben’s parents. Our daughter battled Ewing’s sarcoma twice. (She is off treatment now.) I remember how sad it was to shave her head, but she looked so beautiful afterwards. Bennett looks wonderful as well. We will continue praying for you. Love in Christ, Heather

  10. Thanks for your continued updates! I love praying for your family. I LOVE Bennett’s hair buzzed! We actually choose that for our hairstyle in the Hill house 🙂 LOVE that God’s kept Bennett’s heart so happy and he’s able to continue to smile and provide you beautiful signs of his fighter spirit. Praying also for strength in your spirit to continue to find the glimpses of God’s love in this journey.

  11. Oh Megan! My heart strings tremble for you and your sweet boy. Praying mighty healing hands over precious baby Bennett.

  12. Bennet is as handsome as ever. His smile is priceless. I remember when my grandfather had chemo, my grandmother told me, food had no flavor. My husband worked for a local french bread company at the time so we brought him a loaf of Acadian Bakery french bread. She soaked it in milk to feed him. She stated he liked that. I am not sure what made the difference.

    We are coninuting to pray for you and your family feverently. All our love.

    The Broussards.

  13. I’m listening to K-Love while reading this post & “How He Loves” by the David Crowder Band is playing. Oh how God loves you Bennet! You are His precious one & He knows your EVERY need. Praising God right now for the wonderful things that He is doing & will be doing for you in the future. Praying for your sweet parents too. Lord Jesus, wrap Your loving arms tightly around them. By the way Bennet, I love the new “doo”. You are so handsome either way though <3

  14. It’s not just a mama thing… Bennett is a BEAUTIFUL baby. With everything he’s going through, he has the sweetest smile. You don’t know me, I was flying with Diane when Bennett’s cancer was discovered. I follow your blogs & want you to know how your faith in The Lord has brought me to tears. Just know that your family & that sweet baby are prayed for… More than I’ve ever prayed for someone before. Stay strong.

  15. He is such a cutie! Praying that his treatment and recovery is tolerable for him and that you and Ben will be blessed with strength to endure. It is so sad to see anyone, but especially little children battling a disease. I’m sure that’s why God made them so resilient!

    Blessing to all of you!

    Jo Burdette

  16. Hey Megan,
    Standing with and praying for your family! My 14yr old niece sends inspiring texts every morning. I pray that her words bless you today. “Have an observing Monday – observe all that God is doing for you today.”

    Be Blessed,

  17. Megan,

    Bennett is such a little trooper. I didn’t think he could get more adorable but he sure has with his hair buzzed!
    I know you are up there alone till Ben can get there but just remember that not only is our Lord and Savior holding you, so are all of us, all over the world, holding you in prayer as we walk this out with you. Never forget that!

    Linda Orr

  18. Megan, we have been praying for Bennett since we learned of his condition. And we will continue to pray for all of you! I know you are trusting in the Lord as we are too. He is so precious…I can’t wait to meet him! Love and blessings, Kathy and Steve Holland

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