a servant's heart :: praying for my kids

Sundays are such busy days for a family in ministry. It’s 9:30pm and we are just home for the night and the hubby still has things to do before bed. A pastor’s job is never 9 to 5! But it was a great day at church and it’s going to be a great week ahead. This coming weekend is our church’s women’s conference that I’ve been helping to plan. I’m so excited…it’s like Christmas in October! So this week’s blogging will look a little different because of my full plate. I’m thinking I will give a week’s worth of virtues tomorrow that we can refer to and ¬†pray over our kids throughout the week. My posts will be fewer this week and possibly be more about prayer in general. I like to switch it up some…keep us on our toes:)

But what about today’s virtue? Glad you asked! Even in the chaos of today, something sweet stands out to me.

Today’s virtue to pray: A SERVANT’S HEART

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people… (Ephesians 6:7)

As I mentioned above, being a family in ministry is hard. It’s sacrificing. But it’s worth it. And it’s worth it because not only do we get to see lives changed, but often we get to be a part of the transformation. And a major part of ministry is serving. My husband is great at this…in ministry and at home. I’ll be honest, I have more of the lazy gene in me that I have to fight. Instead of picking up the hubby’s shoes and putting them away for him, I tell him his shoes need to be put away. Now that may seem silly, but we all know it’s not about the shoes. It’s about serving him wholeheartedly. Did you know that a definition for wholehearted is commitment? And I’m committed to my kids and to my husband, so for me serving is about the little things.

So today I pray that my kids see the little things that they can do for each other, whether it’s helping a sibling pick up toys, unbuckling their seat belt without being asked, getting them a cup of water…just serving others with their whole heart. And what a sweet sight it is to see when it does happen:)

Now go and serve somebody in some way today (or maybe tomorrow since this is such a late post!). Our kids will learn to serve by watching us serve!