A LOT of thanks needs to be said!

There are so many people to say “thank you” to and so many things to say “thank You, God” for…I don’t even know where to begin this post. So I’ll start with a great verse that sums up how we feel today.

“When the Lord restored the fortunes of  Zion, we were like those who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalms 126:1-3

Saturday night turned out to be nothing short of a world wide prayer meeting. We had teams of people praying on every continent  across the globe at the same time. When 8pm hit and I was sitting in the chapel of St. Jude’s Hospital listening to the worship mix I had prepared, The Lord let me feel the weight of the moment and it was overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who battled with us and flooded heaven with pleas for Bennet’s healing and for our family. Let me tell…it worked!

How do we know it worked? Well here are three of the biggest things God has done since then.

Looking at the fish in the waiting room.

Looking at the fish in the waiting room.

1. Bennet’s liver numbers continue to improve! In order to begin taking full doses of chemotherapy, his Bilirubin count needs to be below 1.5. Until this weekend it had never been below 2.3 and at some points as high as 5. Today it was 1.8! His other liver numbers continue to improve and stabilize as well. Keep praying…it’s working!

2. God gave us a car! That’s right…you read correctly. Many of you knew that we were down to one car because of the accident I had in November. Now that we are living in two cities, our needs have changed and our insurance settlement was not enough to help us get what we needed. So God gave us a car this weekend. The individuals He used want to stay completely anonymous, so I’m not going to share the details. But God gave us a car!

3. We got into Target House! Now that we are out of isolation, we knew that we would have to finally move out of The Grizzlies House but we weren’t sure where we would end up since there was a long waiting list for Target House. But we found out that we get to move in on Wednesday morning. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with one bath, a living room and a small kitchen. It will provide a lot more space for Bennett and Megan to feel at home.

And there’s more than I have time to write. I just get excited thinking about how God will continue to move in weeks and months to come. I have a few other ways that we as a family will be praying in days to come and we certainly invite you to join in those as well. But…thank you so much for fighting on your knees with us.

So where do we go from here? Well, as I said earlier, Bennett continues to improve in terms of his liver function. At the same time, he is taking longer to recover from this round of chemotherapy. With the first round, he recovered almost a full week early and this round looks like it will be closer to the full three weeks. So his next 3-4 days will probably be pretty rough for him.

Thursday morning we have a PET Scan scheduled. This will give us a very clear picture of the tumor size and activity. Between now and then, our doctor is continuing to consult with other experts around the country to have multiple options to move to in the event the scan shows no improvement. So this week is a lot of sitting, waiting, caring for Bennett and praying.

What to pray for:

  1. Pray for the liver to continue to improve and for the tumor to shrink.
  2. Pray for his rest and appetite this week as he struggles through recovery from chemotherapy.
  3. Pray for Davis and Reide. They had a very hard time saying goodbye to Megan this time.
  4. Pray for Ben and Megan as they begin to meet other families at St. Jude.

One more special prayer request…

We are asking that you help us pray for an apartment that will hold our whole family. The Target House is a wonderful place for Bennett, Megan and others that come and help her. We are very thankful to get into it, and look forward to enjoying the space! But our whole family can’t fit because they do not allow more than four people in an apartment. We are a family of five.

Megan, Davis and Reide had a great time together this weekend!

Megan, Davis and Reide had a great time together this weekend!

Both Megan and I are seeing that Davis and Reide are hitting the limit of their ability to handle the family being separated. We feel that God has encouraged us to find a way to move them here and let Memphis be home base for a while. Ben would still travel back and forth in order to work and take care of the house, but we believe that the best plan for the whole family is to be together in one place.

Will you please join us in praying that God will lead us quickly to the living space He has planned? We met with staff at St Jude today that is helping us look into options. We also have been in contact with other groups that assist families with furnished living spaces. Pray that one of these or some other door we have not found yet will open up soon. We are praying for a 3 bedroom apartment not too far away from St. Jude.

Thank you again for joining us this past Saturday night! It was so powerful that I’m sure we will do it again sometime soon. Continue to #Pray4BabyBennett and remember to thank the Lord for the great things He has done for us all!


  1. Praise Jesus! I have full fledged butterflies as I read this! I cried Sunday as I read all of the prayer responses from Saturday and saw how greatly covered in prayer you guys are. Thank you for your transparency on this journey, and allowing us along to support you in prayer.
    Praying for y’all daily!

  2. Praise Him!! We are overjoyed to hear the good news & answered prayers!! We will continue to pray for the specific requests that you listed.

    As we said our bedtime prayers tonight my 6 year old daughter said, “mom, I prayed (counting her fingers) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 times for Bennett while I was at school today!”

    We love y’all!! Always praying,
    Cheryl, Corey, Cade & Claire

  3. I’m not stopping…lets keep Saturday night going…God bless and keep all who prayed and all the other St. Jude families and their children in His living care and especially bless our bravest little soldier our fighter and example of God’s great love…BENNETT!

  4. Not an hour goes by that I don’t think of your family & Bennett. Each thought with a short prayer. I will continue to pray for your specific needs. All of our prayer warrior friends have you each in their prayers.

  5. Love y’all! Continued Prayers for your family of 5!!!!!
    I so appreciate all of the updates and the inspiration your FAITH brings to the rest of us! Such a true testimony!
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:6-7

  6. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you on a daily basis. You are an incredible family and your strength of faith is a true inspiration to so many. I hope you find an apartment soon, and that God continues to bless you all with His Love and Healing.

  7. I, too believe the Family should all be together with Benett and Megan. You all need each other and can support each other being together. I am SO HAPPY that our prayers are being answered and I will continue to pray for Bennett’s health, as well as a place that you can ALL BE TOGETHER!!

  8. I am praying for sweet Bennett as he goes through treatment and as you get settled. I also pray as your family is apart. Praise The Lord for all the answers to these prayers and I will continue to pray for Bennett’s healing. God bless you, Demee

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