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We believe the best life is a shared life.

If you have spent time with us as a family, then you’ve probably heard us say at some point to the kids, “We are Colemans…” and they respond “…and we share.” At first it was a way to teach them that sharing and generosity are a family value (especially with their toys!). But over the years, it has become a family motto because we believe that a shared life is the best kind of life. Since getting married in 2004, God has allowed us to share life with some amazing people and we are better today for it. But honestly, nothing has sharpened us more than sharing life with our crazy kids!

Davis is our oldest and just started kindergarten. Our daughter, Reide, thinks she’s the mommy but really she’s only four. And then our unplanned blessing is Bennett. Yes, three kids in less than four years. It was not our plan, but as Proverbs 16:9 says, “We make our own plans, but the Lord decides where we will go.”

As much as we have the idea of how our lives will play out, only the Lord knows. And December 2013, we ended up on a path we never imagined. Our youngest, Bennett, was 17 months old at the time and we discovered a large tumor on his liver the size of an orange. Within days, we were at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. After several weeks of tests and appointments, it was finally discovered that Bennett’s tumor was a Malignant Extrarenal Rhabdoid Tumor and had already spread to his lungs.

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Davis has been drawing lots of pictures of our family that include our newest addition.Davis has been drawing lots of pictures of our family that include our newest addition.

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“Daddy! stop that computer work and come tickle me for the rest of my life!” When your four year-old daughter sits next to you and says that, you’re not going to accomplish much else…let alone taking time to get some blogging done! It’s probably not fair to blame our lack of recent writing entirely on Reide’s cuteness, but today I’m going to. So where do I begin? In our last post, I shared how we are learning about grief during the holidays. Shortly after that we headed off to Memphis for the St. Jude Marathon event that Megan had been training for. We […]


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The holiday season has officially descended on the Coleman household and our kids are living at the speed of a full Christmas sprint fueled by hot chocolate, Christmas movies and wish lists. In less than 24 hours of our return from a Thanksgiving trip, the Christmas decorations some how found their way out of the attic. So, Sunday afternoon turned into our own version of “hanging of the green” filled with Christmas music, snacks and decorating every room with Christmas paraphernalia decorations. In all honesty, Megan and I enjoyed it too…for a bit. The next morning, we were both struck with a new […]

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