Hope & Healing

Davis has been drawing lots of pictures of our family that include our newest addition.

One More Makes Six

“Daddy! stop that computer work and come tickle me for the rest of my life!” When your four year-old daughter sits next to you and says that, you’re not going to accomplish much else…let alone taking time to get some blogging done! It’s probably not fair to blame our lack of recent writing entirely on Reide’s cuteness, but today I’m going to. So where do I begin? In our last post, I shared how we are learning about grief during the holidays. Shortly after that we headed off to Memphis for the St. Jude Marathon event that Megan had been training for. We […]


A New Wave of Grief

The holiday season has officially descended on the Coleman household and our kids are living at the speed of a full Christmas sprint fueled by hot chocolate, Christmas movies and wish lists. In less than 24 hours of our return from a Thanksgiving trip, the Christmas decorations some how found their way out of the attic. So, Sunday afternoon turned into our own version of “hanging of the green” filled with Christmas music, snacks and decorating every room with Christmas paraphernalia decorations. In all honesty, Megan and I enjoyed it too…for a bit. The next morning, we were both struck with a new […]


It’s been six months

Can I tell you how good it is to finally be sitting at my computer and writing? This has been a long three months of no blogging because of a virus that overtook our just30days.org website. Although, I think it was a break I needed. But now we’re back! And if you haven’t noticed, we changed the name to WeAreColemans.com (you can read more about why here). So over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to think of a good “first” comeback blog to write about. I think I was pressuring myself to have some amazing epiphany that would […]

Bennett's Story


Little Blessed One

The cancer died at 1:15am this morning, and our Bennett is now healed and alive in heaven! Bennett Thomas Coleman changed more lives in his short 21 months on earth then some of us do in a lifetime. And I am completely honored that the Lord chose our family to love and care for him. I remember when we were pregnant with him and trying to decide his name. The name Bennett was always an option because that is Ben’s name (George Bennett Coleman). And when I looked up the meaning, I just knew. Bennett means “little blessed one” and […]


A turn for the worse

I just can’t sugarcoat how yesterday went. It truly sucked. Like down to the core, worst day yet. It was a day that I was not expecting. It was a day that I’ve been praying against. It was a day that I cried more tears than I could count. It started with Bennett getting a CT scan early Friday morning and then we went to the Medicine Room for some routine medicine. I started noticing that his breathing was becoming very labored. When I mentioned it to the nurse, she called our doctor who wanted to see us. So off […]

The whole family on stage during our prayer time last week. Thank you to all who joined us for this great night!

Turning the page instead of writing the story

As the family drove back to Memphis on Monday, Megan and I talked a lot about how this week was starting a new chapter of our story with Bennett. The first chapter was discovering the disease. The second chapter began with starting treatment and ended with learning that it wasn’t working. And now that we are preparing for the next step, I’m having to find courage from Jesus to turn the page instead of writing the story myself. I’ve come to discover that faith in God’s story requires more courage than I ever knew. Think about Abraham. God called him out to leave […]

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"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12